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Irena Opalinska Can Inherit Steven Chaban’s Property

Illinois Appels Court rules that a woman who lied under oath during her mother’s murder investigation is eligible to inherit her victim’s property. Cook County Public Administrator David Epstein had claimed her inheritance would indirectly benefit her husband who later stood trial and was found guilty.

Justice Cynthia Cobbs issued a 13-page opinion rejecting that argument.

Early Life and Education

Steven Chaban was found guilty of killing Irena Opalinska after police began an investigation following her body being discovered in her Chicago, Illinois condo bathtub. This conviction hinged heavily on testimony provided by his wife Dorota as to when and where their relationship took place on the final day Irena Opalinska could still be seen alive.

Dorota currently lives in Chicago and spends much of her time fighting for her husband’s release from prison, alleging that he was wrongfully charged. She maintains a Facebook page dedicated to this case which frequently posts updates regarding it.

Stephen or Steven is an English name originating in Saint Stephen and Stephanos in Greek; there may also be connections with Stefan, as well as Esteban in Shakespearean plays.

Professional Career

Steven Chaban is a French award-winning composer, orchestrator and conductor who founded 1908 Scoring Studios in Los Angeles. His credits include Concerto for Piano and Orchestra as well as published authorship. Steven has degrees from both Bordeaux Conservatory of Music as well as UCLA.

Chaban was charged with murdering Irena Opalinska in 2007. This case was depicted on Investigation Discovery’s Reasonable Doubt: Trapped in the Middle and his loved ones still maintain that Chaban is innocent of this charge.

Police identified Chaban as being responsible for thefts involving Georgia-Pacific toilet paper shipments stolen at flea markets across New York state, as well as being able to trace items stolen elsewhere and attribute these incidents directly back to Chaban.

Personal Life

Steven Chaban was charged with Irena Opalinska’s murder after her fingernail DNA was discovered on him; ultimately he was found guilty and is currently imprisoned at Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois despite maintaining his innocence.

At his trial, Dorota told police and the grand jury she had been at her mother’s condo on June 15, but later admitted she lied about this fact. Furthermore, when questioned about a phone call she made on that same day to another friend she claimed they hadn’t talked at all that day.

Net Worth

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