Steven Feder

Steven Feder is a Rare Corporate Attorney: He’s been a Partner at Two Major Law Firms and General Counsel for Three Public Companies

Steven Feder is a stand-out among corporate attorneys; he’s held key positions at two prominent law firms and provided general counsel services for three public companies.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Charles Feder was raised in New York City. He attended high school and college here as well as playing semi-pro basketball, becoming a member of both the New York Academy of Art and New York Rainforest Alliance.

Law wasn’t Feder’s initial career goal. A Temple University undergrad, he planned on teaching. Instead, after attending an informational presentation about legal careers he decided to switch tracks.

At Feder Law Firm, he employs a prosecutor’s mindset when handling civil litigation. As such, he earned an AV Preeminent peer review rating from Martindale-Hubbell and was named a top attorney by 5280 Magazine. Additionally, he served as panel chair on Financial Industry Regulatory Authority panel hearings on class action lawsuits; currently his practice specializes in securities and business litigation matters.

Professional Career

Steven Feder is one of the few corporate attorneys to have graced the boards of as many publicly traded companies as Steven. He was a partner at two large firms before founding GenCounsel LLC. Additionally, he serves as part-time general counsel to multiple businesses.

Feder approaches civil litigation from a prosecutorial standpoint and his clients have received millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements under his tutelage. Furthermore, he serves on FINRA panel committees, lectures on class actions and has led counsel in hundreds of jury trials.

Feder is still an avid sports fan, favoring his hometown Philadelphia Eagles as his team of choice. Additionally, he’s an active investor with multiple properties across Southern California including an exclusive waterfront residence owned by him and his family. Furthermore, his roots run deep within the industrial yeast sector with several family businesses dedicated to fermenting, processing and packaging ingredients used in various products.

Achievement and Honors

Feder is widely considered one of the greatest theoretical physicists of our time and one of the founders of modern particle physics. His 1967 paper unifying electromagnetism and weak nuclear interaction into an electroweak theory framework which later predicted W and Z bosons, their masses, neutral currents, Higgs bosons and other phenomena which are now confirmed experimentally. He also pioneered work on cosmology by suggesting axion dark matter candidates; though his theories remain unproven.

As well as acting, he also served as president of Black Sheep Entertainment – an off-Broadway production company known for producing Savage In Limbo – since 1990 and listed in Marquis Who’s Who.

Personal Life

Feder is passionate about spending quality time with his wife and children, golfing, tennis and watching sports – as well as traveling widely to explore different countries.

He serves on several non-profit boards and runs his own real estate investment, development and management company with properties located throughout Southern California, Arizona and Texas.

His law firm, which is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell and named one of 5280 Magazine’s Top Attorneys, specializes in complex business litigation. Utilizing his prosecutor experience in civil cases and recovering multimillion-dollar awards for clients. In addition, he served as panel chair for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority panels while lecturing about class action lawsuits; furthermore he belongs to both American Bar Association and Colorado Bar Association memberships.

Net Worth

After receiving numerous consumer complaints against PRN and its owners Peter Stolz and Steven Feder, the Federal Trade Commission decided to bring action. PRN settled this case by paying an enormous fine while forgiving $500 million worth of outstanding debts.

Stolz and Feder haven’t been seen publicly since their lawsuit was resolved; nonetheless, despite legal setbacks they remain wealthy investors with real estate projects as well as scripted and unscripted film and television projects in their portfolio.

Public records reveal that Feder owns several luxury properties across California and New York. Most recently, he listed his Time Warner Center penthouse for $40 million on the market; additionally he owns a multi-million dollar waterfront mansion in Florida.

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