Steven Ganrude

Steven Ganrude

Steven Ganrude has not shown any remorse or sorrow for the deplorable acts he committed in this case, nor that his life sentence as a habitual offender violates the Eighth Amendment.

Ganrude assaulted victim during the 1991 State Fair in Huron, South Dakota. After victim insulted Ganrude, he pulled a knife and forced him to drink from mud puddles and lick their companions’ shoes soles as part of an assault ruse.

Early Life and Education

Ganrude was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota and married Cindy; together they had three children. On June 22, 2018 he passed away at a hospital in Sioux Falls at age 60.

Thunderbolt conducted several other acts to humiliate their victim during this incident, such as placing “poop-stained” underwear on his head; lowering his trousers and undershorts to expose his private areas to grease-gun smearing; placing a sock saturated with grease into his mouth; swinging a pipe at his knees; and pressing his knife against his Adam’s Apple.

Ganrude contends on appeal that there is insufficient evidence supporting his conviction of aggravated assault since it did not establish that he used an offensive weapon, an argument without merit.

Professional Career

Steven Ganrude was 60 years old and serving a life sentence at South Dakota State Penitentiary for aggravated assault committed in Beadle County. On June 22nd he passed away due to natural causes while imprisoned.

He was found guilty in 1992 for beating and threatening to kill a Miller teen working at the fairgrounds, who was walking with another family while visiting. After attacking them while walking around the fairgrounds together, he forced them into an area beneath one of the rides called Thunderbolt for further assaults and threats against their lives and families.

Ganrude ordered the teenager to arm wrestle him and threatened that if they didn’t lose, they’d lose fingers or other body parts. Additionally, they were instructed to lower their pants and undershorts so Ganrude could use his grease gun to apply thick layers of it over their body and private areas.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Ganrude died of natural causes at a Sioux Falls hospital while serving a life sentence at South Dakota state prison for aggravated assault, aged 60 years.

At the 1991 State Fair in Huron, South Dakota, Ganrude was found guilty of attacking a Miller teenager working at a carnival ride before Ganrude attacked.

After Ganrude was insulted by a teenage male, his attacker pulled a knife and forced him to drink from mud puddles and lick the soles of his shoes, drink “poop-stained” underwear, lower his trousers to expose his private areas to grease smearing from a grease gun, hogtie him using a sock saturated in grease, threaten killing family members of both parties involved and sexually abuse sister as part of his punishment, and threaten reporting this incident to authorities if reported by anyone involved.

Personal Life

Steven Ganrude died of natural causes at a Sioux Falls hospital on June 22nd 2022 while serving his life sentence in Beadle County for aggravated assault.

At trial, witness testimony revealed that Ganrude slapped victim after he made an insult and then forced him to drink from a mud puddle and lick and chew from the soles of other shoes in his group. Over several hours Ganrude subjected victim to humiliating incidents such as having his pants and undershorts covered with grease; having a sock saturated with grease shoved into his mouth; and being tied up with a pipe in front of Thunderbolt ride.

Bowar reported that Ganrude threatened his family and attempted to sexually assault his sister if he ever informed the authorities of what occurred. Ganrude was charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping, and eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.

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