Steven Gooden

Steven Gooden – Partner at Glickstein Laval Carris

Steven Gooden has been playing clarinet for 10 years. Since February 2012, he has joined Glickstein Laval Carris as a partner and provides tax compliance and planning services for both corporate and individual clients.

He is a member of the Texas Bar Association. He represents high net worth individuals and businesses as well as tax litigation cases.

Early Life and Education

Steven Gooden excelled in singing, multi-instrumentalism and athleticism throughout his youth. After attending UC Santa Cruz and Harvard University respectively, where he performed in numerous theatrical productions as part of their performing arts programs; additionally he has worked in film, television and on Broadway productions.

He created several illustrated copper bookplates as well as illustrated several fine editions of books, often described by others as being exquisitely engraved, amusing and inventive.

Miss Jean Brodie was frightening, Snape even more so. But Mr Gooden reigned supreme when it came to discipline: his approach was unorthodox yet primal: when anyone fell short of his high standards he would unleash an onslaught of scorn upon them followed by an elaborate ritual of shame that could last weeks or even months! Although class punishments were commonplace, his speciality lay elsewhere: private discipline was his forte.

Professional Career

Steven Gooden, a partner at Glickstein Laval Carris PA, offers tax compliance and planning services to private clients with an emphasis on real estate, financial services, construction, manufacturing, not-for-profit organizations and high net worth individuals. As a certified public accountant he is also a member of Florida Institute of CPAs.

He serves as Chairman of Limners & Bards Limited and Elite Diagnostics Ltd, two listed companies on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, as well as being President of the Jamaica Securities Dealers Association and serving on various NCB Financial Group companies’ boards of directors.

Gooden is committed to equity and inclusion within classical music ensembles. His aim is to empower youth beyond their perceived limits both inside and outside the ensemble.

Achievement and Honors

Gooden was recognized with two awards during 1984: Rookie of the Year and Cy Young. Following this success, Gooden would earn himself a World Series championship ring with New York Yankees.

Gooden was honored to be honored with induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2021, yet throughout his career he battled drug dependency issues.

Gooden serves as chief of Air Force Basing Corporate Branch and oversees military-level strategic basing policy and guidance across 160 installations totalling $16 billion, as well as beddown directives and unit movement directives from Defense Weapon System beddown to unit-level movement directives for Defense Weapon System. His work as operations flight commander and squadron section commander at Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma earned him back-to-back annual accolades from command leadership; additionally he has been honored as an outstanding educator by NASPAA, an association representing public service schools.

Personal Life

Steven Gooden is an active chamber musician who has performed concertos and recitals across both domestic and international platforms. Additionally, he has held positions with numerous orchestras in Chicago.

Gooden had an extensive history of drug abuse, so instead of starting the 1987 season at spring training he entered a Manhattan substance abuse facility to battle his dependency. Hearing gospel singer Marvin Sapp’s Never Would Have Made It song play over the radio made Gooden realize he needed to make some changes in his life and sober up.

He earned his degree in journalism and served as sports publicists for Boise State, Illinois and USC before serving as senior vice president of communications for LA2015 – an international sporting event hosted in America for which he also served as senior vice president – as well as being Chief Communications Officer with Make-A-Wish Foundation’s second largest chapter in Oregon.

Net Worth

Gooden was an instant superstar after breaking the National League rookie strikeout record with 276 strikeouts as an 18-year-old rookie in 1985 and becoming the youngest All-Star Game starter at 21 years, seven months and 30 days, striking out Lance Parrish, Chet Lemon and Alvin Davis (all future Hall-of-Famers) before winning Game 5. He later set another All-Star Game strikeout record against Alvin Davis as an All-Star starter the following year at 22 years, seven months and 30 days!

Gooden soon found himself overwhelmed by New York City’s hectic lifestyle, reportedly using cocaine. While continuing to pitch for four more teams he never could match his early success. Nowadays he provides tax compliance and planning services at Glickstein Laval Carris P.A. for clients from numerous industries including real estate, financial services, construction manufacturing non-profit organizations as well as high net worth individuals.

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