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Steven Graves – American Multimedia Reporter

Steven Graves is an American Multimedia Reporter at CBS 2. He joined CBS 2 in 2019, following stints reporting for WVEC and KVII. Steven is passionate about finding “gems”, or stories which show off people at their best.

Gun violence still plagues one Chicago neighborhood, yet local residents are taking steps to change that. CBS 2’s Steven Graves reports that hope and healing extend far beyond Highland Park.

Early Life and Education

Steven Graves joined CBS Chicago as a Multimedia Reporter in 2019. Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia he previously reported for WVEC-TV and KVII-TV before making the leap to CBS Chicago in 2019. Steven gravitates towards journalism because it allows him to advocate on behalf of people who may otherwise go unrepresented, as well as seeing stories come together with his camera lens and telling extraordinary tales through videography.

CHICAGO (CBS) — There has been much talk in Chicago regarding police-community relations. One group on Chicago’s South Side is working hard to make an impactful difference. CBS 2’s Steven Graves took a closer look at their work.

grassroots organizations defy odds to provide essential work in their communities. Steven Graves introduces us to one such group in Englewood.

Professional Career

Steven Graves has revolutionized the lives and businesses of many individuals, companies and organizations through thoughtful design. His firm’s projects range from high-profile individual custom residences and large commercial buildings in Lexington and throughout Kentucky to developments across Bluegrass regions.

The District’s argument that Graves cannot allege retaliation in this action is invalid because Graves never asserted this claim in this lawsuit; his claims relate to only August 1, 2005 discrimination charge alleging hostile work environment behavior.

Steve’s powerful vocals combined with harmony singers and an exceptional horn section create an unforgettable musical journey experience for listeners. His music connects listeners with collective consciousness and desires for a better world while providing undeniable and impossible-to-like deep pocket grooves!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Graves is an award-winning social capitalist and organizational strategist. He has advised an extensive roster of high-pro?le CEO’s and business owners and serves on various boards. Graves believes that humanity can transform into an entirely different existence by awakening to a higher consciousness level and realizing their full potential.

He possesses an interest in telling incredible stories through video journalism. Prior to joining CBS 2, he worked as a reporter/fill-in anchor at KVII Radio 88.7 FM.

Steven was honored at the Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission meeting in Nashville with this award in February of 2013. This distinction recognizes outstanding law enforcement work. Steven serves as an officer with Hardin County branch of TWRA.

Personal Life

Steven Graves has had many remarkable experiences during his career. From attending high-profile trials and filming on Navy aircraft carriers, to reporting national stories like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s blackface scandal and historic hurricane damage in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

He loves telling stories and finding inspiration in seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things. In addition, he enjoys spreading positive messages to viewers.

Steven Graves is known for writing songs with profound spiritual and social relevance that make his songs truly compelling as singer-songwriter. His forthcoming 9th CD All Alone will feature 13 well-crafted original tracks which showcase both his band’s musical vision and style, offering something for every listener at multiple levels both personal and universal.

Net Worth

Steven Graves is an American Multimedia Reporter working for CBS 2 News in Chicago. He joined in September 2019 after three years at WVEC-TV in Norfolk, Virginia where he filled-in anchor duties and produced many exclusive stories.

He is widely recognized for his profound spiritual and social awareness, expressed through his music. This helps others live more peaceful lives. According to him, there exists another universe which could replace our current one if enough people become aware of its existence.

He is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. Additionally, he advises several high-pro?le CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs and is part owner in several businesses as well as sitting on various boards.

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