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Steven Guarascio – Financial Advisor

Community finally returned for its fourth season after an extended hiatus, debuting new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port. Many fans were anxiously anticipating what might occur next.

After his accident, he suffered spastic quadriplegia and requires lifetime care and assistance. He is survived by his wife Terri and their three daughters.

Early Life and Education

Steven Guarascio holds several patents for his inventions, most notably an automatic bicycle balancer designed to help cyclists keep their bikes perfectly aligned while riding. It features a built-in sensor which detects uneven weight distribution on each wheel and then adjusts balance accordingly.

Guarascio also invented and patented a machine known as a skimmer that removes trash and debris from bodies of water, working alongside the National Institutes of Health to develop it.

Court records show that Steven Guarascio has lived in different states such as New York and Colorado. Currently residing in Bayville, NJ at 350 Columbus Cir SE with his wife and three children; he enjoys sports as well as movies with “The Godfather” being one of his favorites. Steven also boasts a good sense of humor with an outstanding personality.

Professional Career

Steven Guarascio has two years of experience as a financial advisor. Currently working for Cetera Advisor Networks LLC in Florham Park, NJ; his licenses allow him to serve investors across New York State.

He’s had success at the World Series of Poker as well, earning several cashes including third place in a $10,000 H.O.R.S.E event back in 2010. Additionally, four final table appearances stand on his resume.

Guarascio has also made the leap into invention with his patent filing for a device to secure jacket necks using buckle and strap. If successful, this could make life easier for people living with disabilities.

Achievement and Honors

Joseph Guarascio has become a recognized name in entertainment and writing. As creator and writer of Community, which recently received its fourth season renewal. Additionally, he has contributed writing work to other television shows.

He takes great pleasure in knowing that people enjoy watching his show. Additionally, he thanks both cast and crew of Community for making his job a great one.

In October, he addressed fans at San Diego Comic Con convention with Moses Port. Together they sought to assure fans that the show would continue without Dan Harmon; according to them, all cast and crew had found their voice and would make things different this year.

Personal Life

Guarascio was married to Lisa, with two children of his own. Anthony, his third-born, was born with spastic quadriplegia due to an oxygen leak during a diving accident in 2008. Since then, he has undergone 23 hyperbaric chamber sessions as well as biofeedback, an innovative technique which trains various parts of his brain simultaneously.

After Community’s fourth season, NBC made the difficult decision to fire showrunner Dan Harmon. Moses Port and David Guarascio took over as co-showrunners, providing fans with assurances that Community would remain its quirky self. While it did indeed undergo change over time, but not in ways people had anticipated.

Net Worth

He has cashed at the World Series of Poker 25 times, including an outstanding third place finish in a $10,000 H.O.R.S.E event in 2010. Additionally, he has made four other final tables and joined One Drop Foundation; an organization dedicated to fighting poverty around the globe by giving everyone access to clean drinking water.

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He previously worked for Guarascio Consultants LLC and Cetera Advisor Networks LLC and holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses, which qualify him to work both as a securities agent and investment adviser representative. He lives in Florham Park, New Jersey.

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