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Steven Haynes Net Worth

Steven Haynes is a well-known American Actor with an impressive resume spanning acting, modeling and business – not to mention an enormous net worth! An expert in his respective fields.

He has extensive expertise in immigration law and was certified as an Immigration and Nationality Law Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization.

Early Life and Education

Steven Haynes was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and attended Norfolk State University in Virginia where he earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Psychology/Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology respectively. Subsequently he played for the Los Angeles Rams of the United Football League.

He gained early experience working as a runner for a film/tv/radio post-production and trailers company based out of Wardour Street in Soho, which gave him insight into the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he was stage manager for several London fringe theatre productions.

Haynes made headlines at Channel 8 during his time there by interviewing sports icons such as Joe Namath and Merlin Olsen as well as co-anchoring news shows alongside legendary sports anchor Verne Lundquist. Additionally, he became a fixture on Peppermint Place retooled show aimed at children aged 3-10.

Professional Career

He is a former United States Navy and Naval Reserve sailor with 20 years of service, who specialized in providing evidence and intelligence to litigators, arbitrators, insolvency practitioners, and cross-border disputes spanning complex matters with high values at stake. Furthermore, he had extensive experience identifying assets of personal debtors (personal/corporate and sovereign).

He has extensive research interests, such as design as a research method; technology in disaster risk management; scenario-based methods, as well as having published numerous articles related to them and presented his work at national and international conferences.

Emerging Business Partners Inc (EBPI), established by Mr. Hearn in 2007, and affiliated with Livingston & Haynes since, provides bookkeeping, payroll and tax consulting services to small to mid-sized technology, entrepreneurial and emerging growth firms.

Achievement and Honors

Haynes dedicated his life to helping others. Beginning work at Kroger right out of high school, he only missed 12 days over 38 years due to his dedication – according to Thelma Haynes’ wife. Haynes even took care of Thelma Haynes’ children as though they were his own family members.

He was dedicated to Athletes for Education, an organization he established to help kids succeed. From networking with athletes and organizing fundraisers and getting donations for students’ educational success to organizing events for them.

Professor Lee serves as Assistant Professor of Practice and Director of Risk Management and Insurance Program at UT Dallas. His research interests focus on risk analysis, organizations under crisis, mixed methods research design, disaster science and other relevant subjects. His works have been featured in Safety Science as well as Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning publications.

Personal Life

Haynes has contributed his scholarly expertise on topics pertaining to the Holocaust and religion, religious studies and literature, Jewish-Christian relations and Dietrich Bonhoeffer in numerous periodicals as well as publishing several books related to these areas.

Since 1994, when he founded his non-profit in 1994 with three Helix High football players visiting high schools around San Diego County, it has grown into literacy and fitness programs, over a dozen athlete mentorship projects, annual holiday parties with gift giveaways for San Diego County students as well as middle and elementary schools across San Diego.

Haynes’ Far from Heaven (2002) is a 1950s-set drama featuring Connecticut housewife Cathy Whittaker (Julianne Moore) and her relationship with Raymond, her African-American gardener. This modernization of Sirk’s cinematic language involves depictions that would have been considered morally questionable during Moore’s era; Far From Heaven ends on a melancholic note similar to weepy period dramas such as Mildred Pierce.

Net Worth

Net worth is a measure of one’s wealth that is calculated by subtracting liabilities from assets. It provides individuals with an easy way to assess their current financial standing at any given moment in time.

Stephen has extensive experience in corporate finance and securities law, representing companies, investment banks and underwriters in public offerings of equity and debt securities as well as private placements under Rule 144A/Reg S issuances. Additionally, he advises public company clients regarding corporate governance matters as well as SEC compliance issues.

Haynes has extensive international investigative and integrity due diligence experience, including in complex or hostile jurisdictions. Furthermore, he co-founded Greyhawk Corporate Intelligence firm which offers investigative due diligence services as well as market entry analysis solutions to various clients.

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