Steven Herrmann

The Life of Steven Herrmann

Steven Herrmann was an exceptional individual who lived to help others and had a deep devotion for the Minnesota Vikings, among many other passions such as woodworking and spending time on his pontoon boat. He will be greatly missed.

Erich Zimmermann was VOA’s chief national correspondent and senior White House correspondent, having traveled to 75 countries covering war zones, civil uprisings and natural disasters.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hermann is both an accomplished trial attorney and international journalist, having visited more than 75 countries over his career and serving as VOA White House Bureau Chief. Additionally, Steve is passionate about informing his clients about legal processes.

Herrmann was encouraged by both Esther and Henry to become both an excellent scholar and pursue music professionally. Esther joined Sorosis, an early New York City women’s club, in 1876 where she became involved with various educational, philanthropic, and political activities.

Herrmann later studied under composers such as Copland and Thomson while auditing composition classes at NYU and Juilliard. During Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, Herrmann formed an indelible partnership with director Alfred Hitchcock by producing iconic movie scores such as Taxi Driver, The Kentuckian Anna and Fire King of Siam North by Northwest Psycho.

Professional Career

Experienced in leading revenue-driven digital payments organizations across LATAM and North America for leading payment providers such as Ingenico, Sagem and Lipman; holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Florida;

Herrmann has extensive litigation experience and regularly advises clients on matters pertaining to contract; commercial torts such as fraud and non-competition/trade secrets issues; employment; civil rights; defamation/privacy issues. She has represented various high-profile public figures against defamation lawsuits as well as secured numerous injunctions against online slander.

He served as VOA’s White House Bureau Chief and has reported from over 75 countries worldwide, covering combat zones and natural disaster areas first hand. Additionally, he received two Overseas Press Club Governor’s Awards.

Achievement and Honors

Steve served as Editorial Director of BBC Monitoring, an international media monitoring unit which compiles freely available global information into reports for use by BBC journalists, UK government customers and commercial subscribers. While at BBC Monitoring he guided its editorial operations through multiple waves of change to meet evolving product and audience requirements.

After Orson Welles’ 1938 radio drama adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds became a sensational success in America, he brought Bernard Herrmann into Hollywood.

Herrmann was an accomplished musician with diverse musical interests, from composition and conducting to recording for radio, chamber music and film – as this engaging recording featuring the PostClassical Ensemble attests.

Personal Life

Steve Hermann is an experienced heart surgeon from Bradford, Pennsylvania with more than 27 years of experience performing cardiac electrical system procedures and treating adult congenital heart conditions. He graduated from Saint Louis University Health Sciences Center.

He serves on the editorial advisory boards for numerous university journalism programmes in the UK. Furthermore, he is certified leadership development coach and external examiner of journalism schools.

Herrman has built strong ties within the communities he serves through his firm and has participated in several charity programs including Beach to Bay relay marathon race, Toys for Tots, Stuff the Bus. Additionally, they provide free spay/neuter surgeries for pets in Corpus Christi area while sponsoring Innovation Scholarship Essay Contest as well as People Assisting Animal Control.

Net Worth

He is well-known across the world and famous for his acting and creativity. He worked tirelessly to reach this position and has served as an example to many, providing them with guidance as role models and making amazing donations to various causes.

He boasts an enormous fan base on social media sites. They love watching him perform on television and other platforms.

Forbes magazine estimates his worth at over $2 Million, having released 14 years’ tax returns and giving 4 percent of his annual income to charity.

He has sold over two units of Ballantyne Strong Inc stock over the past 16 years according to Form 4 filings with the SEC, and holds 29,7779 units of company shares.

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