Steven Janik

Steven Janik, Senior Partner of Ball Janik LLP, is a Big Name in Portland Development Law

Steven Janik is such an influential force that it is difficult to find any development project in Portland without his involvement as senior partner at Ball Janik. His clients include OHSU, Goodmans, Williamses and other generous political contributors – to name only some!

He owns a minority share in EC Company, an electrical contractor that has done work for the City, though he maintains this does not present any conflicts of interest.

Early Life and Education

Janik participated in law school by joining Omicron Delta Epsilon and the Law Review. Additionally, he served as law clerk to an Ohio US District Judge and for Thomas D. Lambros, Chief Judge of Ohio US District Courts for Northern District.

He specializes in public/private partnerships, stadium financing and land use matters. He has represented the City of Portland on major projects such as Rose Garden Arena (home of NBA’s Trailblazers) and PGE Park renovation for AAA baseball.

He is well-recognized in development circles, often being called upon for advice regarding Portland’s most complex deals. Among his clients are Goodmans, Pete Mark, Homer Williams, OHSU and Legacy Health System who all make substantial political donations while having lucrative contracts with Portland City Hall.

Professional Career

Attorney Janik has become known for successfully shepherding large development projects through City Hall. His impressive client list includes Goodmans, Pete & Homer Williams, OHSU and Portland Business Alliance – just to name a few!

Janik has also served on several civic boards and regional task forces. He is especially lauded for his work on the Rose Garden project, which became a model for public-private stadium deals.

No stranger to controversial assignments, he has led a task force tasked with improving Oregon county courthouses. Yet the fact that his law firm, Ball Janik, represents both PFE & Stott as well as Crown Pacific interests raises some question marks; city commissioners were unaware of this conflict until WW informed them; other lawyers may have handled things differently.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Janik has been honored by numerous organizations for his legal expertise and service to others. In 2007, he received the Oregon State Bar President’s Membership Service Award for his efforts on the Court Facilities Task Force that addressed funding shortfalls necessary to repair or reconstruct many county courthouses that are over 70 years old.

He has served on various civic boards, regional task forces and special projects; additionally he advised the Oregon Board of Governors.

Ball Janik attorneys under his guidance have been recognized by business leaders as being among the region’s “Most Admired” professional services firms in an annual survey.

Personal Life

Janik is also an active volunteer within his community and civic groups; serving on numerous boards and task forces such as the Oregon Health & Science University Foundation Board of Trustees.

He represents many high-profile developers and generous political contributors, and frequently appears on local television news shows to discuss local issues. Furthermore, he teaches an attorney course on negotiation at the University of Portland.

Janik exudes warmth with his easy smile and deep lines, befitting of someone more closely related to some of the city’s power players than an advisor to some. He has played an instrumental role in major development projects such as Rose Garden arena – home of NBA’s Trail Blazers – as well as remodeling PGE Park for baseball playback, as well as stadium financing and public-private partnerships.

Net Worth

Ball Janik LLP, with 36 Portland lawyers and the 12th-highest size law firm in Portland, is one of the city’s 12th-largest firms. Clients include a variety of public entities such as Portland City Hall and King County in Washington state; Janik is particularly knowledgeable about insurance coverage issues.

Janik is also an investor in EC Company, an electrical contracting firm which has won several contracts from the city since 1998; including helping with PGE Park renovation work.

Janik’s role at EC and Crown Pacific Partners, a timber business firm, raised questions of potential conflict of interest. However, he maintains there is no such conflict and has made all the required disclosures to the city attorney and secured a waiver of conflict agreement.

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