Steven Julian

Steven Julian for Baldwin Park School District

Steven Julian brings his caring personality and dedication to making schools better for all involved – students, teachers, staff and parents alike.

Beginning his broadcasting career at a commercial station in Riverside in the early 1980s, before switching careers and becoming a police officer. Rejoining broadcasting as KPCC journalist in 1995.

Early Life and Education

Steven Julian will strive to meet the needs of students, teachers, parents and community. With experience from private sector work as well as coaching diverse youth and completing his master’s program in clinical mental health he can understand the emotional, educational and financial strains facing our school district.

He possesses both the tenacity and depth of knowledge needed to make an impactful difference in this crucial election. He will bring macro-thinking to a Board that has been hijacked by Governor DeSantis’ war on public education; further, his experience in corporate environments will ensure a vigilant watchful eye over fiscal irresponsibility.

Professional Career

Steven Julian is an accountant serving both high-net-worth individuals and businesses, providing estate planning, trust administration and business taxation services as well as providing advisory services for complex issues. He earned his magna cum laude degree from Northeastern University.

Julian was an invaluable player on Cornell Big Red during his basketball career. In his freshman year alone, he averaged 8.2 points, 5.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1.4 blocks per game!

He is also an experienced MMA fighter. Since 2018, he has competed in three UFC fights, winning three. His strengths lie in having a solid ground game and using straight punches effectively, as well as being an excellent finisher; thus making him likely to secure victory on his next outing.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Julian is an accomplished sports player. As part of Kaskaskia College men’s basketball, he recently set a personal high scorer record with 22 points scored against Navy Midshipmen on December 30, 2018.

In 1999, the American Chemical Society Committee on Minority Affairs hosted an award ceremony to commemorate Dr. Percy Julian – an African-American organic medicinal chemist known for synthesizing the glaucoma drug physostigmine and serving as director of fine chemicals and food research for Glidden Company where he pioneered processes for creating cortisone intermediates leading to female hormones and isolated pure soya protein, phosphatides and lecithin from soybeans.

Julian is running against Brenda Fam for a seat on Broward County School Board District 6. His macro-thinking and perspectives can bring great benefits to this district.

Personal Life

Julian served as a Baldwin Park police officer and also performed in local theater productions as an actor, playwright, and director. He appeared as a regular on both Without A Trace and Brothers & Sisters television shows.

He provided his voice work for both comedy series Indebted and mystery series 13 Reasons Why, where his unique blend of comedy and melodrama earned him several recurring roles on TV.

He is dedicated to protecting public education and advocating a progressive, forward-looking vision for Broward Schools. With experience from both the private sector and mental health services, as well as knowledge from mental health research, he is uniquely qualified for school board membership. As such, he will always remain accessible, engaged, transparent, receptive to all perspectives, as well as acting as an oversight against fiscal irresponsibility.

Net Worth

With hard work and determination this Windsor Ontario native has achieved greatness. Now he is a multi-billionaire who makes generous donations to charity while overseeing his own companies to stay profitable.

Childs has quietly amassed a fortune through his private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners by purchasing brands like Brookstone, NutraSweet, and Meow Mix while maintaining control through Thomas H. Lee Partners. Additionally, Childs led some of the largest buyout deals ever undertaken; including snapping up Snapple for $135 million then selling it two years later for an incredible $1.7 billion price tag.

He’s made numerous guest appearances on popular comedic and dramatic TV shows such as Without a Trace, Brothers & Sisters, Dallas, iZombie and House of Lies – his estimated net worth being approximately 1.2 billion USD (1.21 billion CAD).

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