Steven Monaghan

Steven Monaghan

Steve Monaghan has over 28 years of experience in family and matrimonial law, earning him certification with the State of New Jersey as a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney.

He is an advocate of religious liberty and social conservatism, having founded various Catholic organizations and educational facilities like Ave Maria radio apostolate and Thomas More Law Center.

Early Life and Education

He has been admitted to practice law in New Jersey and belongs to both the Family Law Sections of both the American Bar and New Jersey Bar Associations.

As an accomplished matrimonial mediator, he is regularly called upon by fellow attorneys or courts to mediate high conflict divorce cases before trial.

Monaghan’s vision for Ave Maria University and town was grander than his 100-foot oratory, which is based on design sketches drawn by him, and cost him considerable sums of his own money. Moving from Rust Belt metropolitan areas to Southwest Florida’s Everglades was partly about changing venues; but more significantly represented his effort to break free of what he perceived to be oppressive government regulations on his academic holdings.

Professional Career

Steven Monaghan is an experienced businessman working in finance projects. He serves as board member at National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah and partner in FinMirai; additionally, he advises several businesses across Middle East and Asia.

As well as his professional career, he is actively involved with both the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Sugarloaf A-frame Ski Patrol as a volunteer, often playing fiddle tunes to entertain skiers while providing triage service for injured skiers. In his free time he loves music, sports and spending time with family.

Monaghan has long advocated for Catholic universities in Michigan and founded Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti; unfortunately it closed due to lack of funding. He is highly sought after mediator for high conflict divorce cases in legal systems across Michigan.

Achievement and Honors

Monaghan had an keen understanding of what the public wanted as an entrepreneur. He established an award-winning fast food chain called Gyrene Burger that offered discounts to Marines and members of the military.

He established Ave Maria University in Ypsilanti, Michigan – an ambitious campus and town plan with plans for a 100-foot oratory of his own design – under a Catholic education.

Monaghan’s desire for control often caused problems for him. Hiring Bo Schembechler, an autocratic former University of Michigan coach and athletic director without experience in professional sports was an error that cost them dearly; their team’s stubborn resistance to change and Domino’s personal issues eventually brought down the club before Monaghan left office. Furthermore, attempts by Monaghan to expedite university accreditation or open up an international branch in Nicaragua failed miserably.

Personal Life

Monaghan has long been involved in volunteering and philanthropy. He belongs to numerous professional associations such as the State Bar of Michigan, Irish American Lawyers Association and Catholic Lawyers Association of Michigan as well as being active with Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Plymouth Elks Lodge 88 and VFW Post 763. Lastly he lives with his wife in Plymouth Township where their blended family has seven children and nine grandchildren.

Monahan brings with him extensive experience in divorce litigation and mediation, being certified as a matrimonial law attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and being appointed frequently to mediate high conflict cases by both judges and attorneys.

In 2011, he established Gyrene Burger Company, a military-themed burger delivery franchise. Additionally, he has several business interests including real estate investments. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors for Ave Maria Mutual Funds which invests in companies with Catholic values.

Net Worth

While Monaghan’s exact net worth remains unclear, estimates indicate he likely earns at least $8 Million each year through guest appearances on high-rated shows such as Reba, ER and The Drew Carey Show.

In 1998, he sold 93 percent of Domino’s Pizza to Bain Capital for an estimated one billion dollars while remaining on its board and chairman emeritus. Since then he has founded Ave Maria Institute as well as an associated university and law school as part of his personal mission as a business Catholic evangelist.

Monaghan holds multiple patents in the field of technology. He currently serves as Executive Chairman for KK Prossimo, Board Member at Rakbank and Limited Partner at Pulse Global while acting as an investor for Deeptech and Healthtech startups.

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