Steven Murley

ICCSD Superintendent Steven Murley

Steven Murley is currently an instructor for the Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Department within the College of Education, having previously held superintendent posts in Green Bay and Iowa City.

Murley was recently diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and is receiving treatment. To fill his role temporarily, school board has appointed deputy superintendent Vicki Bayer interim superintendent.

Early Life and Education

Murley guided the district through extensive school renovations, the creation of a 10-year facilities plan, the introduction of one-to-one device programs for students, and working to foster equity and inclusion through implicit bias training.

He brings more than three decades of experience to education, having served as superintendent in Green Bay, Iowa City and Wausau school districts. He earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan as well as master’s and education specialist degrees from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Murley informed staff and families in an open letter that he will be leaving the district at the conclusion of his contract in June 2021, wrapping up projects and implementing policies before his departure.

Professional Career

He holds memberships in several professional organizations, such as Alliance for Education Impact, American Association of School Administrators, District Administration Leadership Institute and Education Advisory Board. Additionally, he serves as a clinical instructor at University of Iowa College of Education.

As a graduate instructor of educational policy and leadership studies, Dr. Kucera also serves as a teacher, athletic department supervisor, school administrator, director of human resources as well as being appointed superintendent positions in Green Bay, Iowa City and Wausau.

Sitnikau, Becker and Shelton opposed Murley due to concerns regarding his contract and past issues in Iowa City; specifically focusing on consulting work performed there, as well as investigations of school-safety violations and investigation into seclusion/restraint practices by the district.

Achievement and Honors

Murley has been actively engaged in educational and leadership initiatives across the United States. His involvement includes membership on national organizations such as Alliance for Education Impact, American Association of School Administrators Commission on College Readiness, District Administration Leadership Institute and District Management Group; in addition to serving on boards such as Horace Mann League and Institute for Educational Innovation.

Murley led Iowa City Community Schools as superintendent from 2008 until his departure in 2011. While at that school district, he spearheaded various diversity and equity initiatives which contributed to improved academic achievement and upgraded facilities.

Murley left his position less than two years after taking it up in the summer of 2020. Since then, he has become a clinical instructor at the University of Iowa while continuing his musical career through a trio featuring guitarist Reg Schwager and bassist Tara Davidson which performs intimate, lyrical explorations of jazz standards.

Personal Life

Steven Murley hails from Canada. Married to Darci, they share three children. As well as being an accomplished musician he has recorded various albums. Additionally, Steven is a teacher/coach/athletic department administrator.

While serving as superintendent of Iowa City Community School District, he overseer major changes. These included the implementation of a bond, redistricting boundaries to address socioeconomic disparities, and eliminating temporary seclusion rooms — 6-by-6-foot wooden structures equipped with padding to isolate disruptive students.

He recently announced his plans to step down as Green Bay Area Public Schools superintendent in 2022, accepting an offer from Vicki Bayer as deputy superintendent – she will serve as interim superintendent during that timeframe.

Net Worth

Murley’s salary and benefits package with ICCSD was valued at over $330,000 as of 2022, having been approved by the school board in August 2018 with an agreed upon base salary of $226,000.

Since 2017, he has sold more than 87 units of Stericycle stock for over $160,400 according to Form 4 filings with the SEC and now makes over $304,960 as Independent Chairman of Stericycle’s Board of Directors.

Murley leaves behind his wife Kelly; two daughters Hannah (Dillon Street) and Julie (Rusty Blanchard), both from Goreville; seven grandchildren: Clayton Blanchard, Caleb Murley, McKinlee Blanchard, Olivia Blanchard Baylee Moran and Landon Blanchard; two sister-in-laws in Rosemary Helm of Belknap and Mary Burnett of Milton; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held for Murley on June 10 and his ashes were scattered into Grand Chain River by cremation.

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