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Steven Nixon – A Book Review

Steven Nixon is an experienced technology executive, strategist, and government affairs professional. He served as Chief Technology Officer of the US Intelligence Community before founding IARPA, their equivalent of DARPA.

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Early Life and Education

Ambrose’s introduction to Richard Nixon covers 1913 to 1962. A talented historian, Ambrose’s writing style is easy for anyone to comprehend; he avoids taking either side in their criticism; yet still believes Nixon was an exceptional politician. Ambrose asserts that Nixon quickly rose through political ranks thanks to his extraordinary skill as well as strong sense of responsibility, ultimately unifying and ending Vietnam War and improving relations between Asia and China.

Ambrose acknowledges Nixon’s faults, including his extreme introversion, thin skinned nature and quick temper. Additionally, Ambrose criticises how Nixon treated Pat Nixon – including being “borderline cruel” towards her – noting a possible breakdown in their marriage due to the former president.

Professional Career

Steve Nimock Nixon is President and Owner of Advanced Control Solutions, an Engineering Software firm with around 30 employees. As President he oversees overall business strategy development while aligning all departments and building an outstanding team.

Nixon earned both his Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude) from Louisiana Tech University and Juris Doctorate (LL.B) from Mississippi College School of Law. As a litigation specialist specializing in general civil cases in Chancery Court and Circuit Court settings.

Nixon also worked as both teacher and principal in the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School district since 1998, starting out as history teacher according to a 2014 article in Vineyard Gazette newspaper. Additionally, Nixon served on the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee; holds degrees in electrical engineering, mathematics (Honors with Highest Distinction at the University of Kansas), national security studies.

Achievement and Honors

Nixon’s presidency was marred by Watergate scandal, yet still earned him praise for his efforts. He sought reforms in welfare, health care and energy policies based on national standards rather than state whims; established the Environmental Protection Agency; passed pollution-reducing laws; reduced tensions with China and Soviet Russia by participating in Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; reduced tensions between them through Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALTs).

Mr. Davis also gave Native Americans the right to tribal self-determination and assisted with desegregation of collegiate sports programs, two feats which continue to be remembered today in various films such as Dick and Frost/Nixon. Furthermore, he has traveled the globe performing alongside several musicians such as four-time Grammy Award Winner Buddy Guy and Blues Music Hall of Fame member Koko Taylor – among them 4 time Grammy Award Winner Buddy Guy himself and Koko Taylor herself who are all Blues Music Hall of Fame members.

Personal Life

Steve Nixon is an international touring keyboardist who has performed alongside Grammy Award winning artists including 4-time Grammy Award Winner Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, and Jaimoe Johanson (Allman Brothers). Additionally he is an educator having taught both piano and guitar at the University of Chicago.

Rundlett Law Firm specializes in Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate and Curing land titles issues as well as providing families with assistance for personal matters. He services the greater Washington, DC area; licensed in Virginia and D.C. to practice; member of American Bar Association with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering/Mathematics from Georgetown University as well as being a Navy veteran.

Net Worth

He enjoyed spending his free time in his woodshop covered in sawdust, blasting classic rock music and helping friends with their projects. His dry sense of humor was an iconic characteristic and loved to make people laugh. He deeply loved his family and grandchildren and was their biggest cheerleader at wrestling matches, soccer games, debates and recitals.

He was an ardent proponent of education, community development, and religion. An active member of his church serving both as bishop and temple ordinance worker he also demonstrated exceptional philanthropic qualities.

Engineer who amassed a net worth estimated between $1 Million- $8 Million through their primary career as engineers. 54 Years Old and Single. Prefers not to share personal details.

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