Steven Overstreet

Steven Overstreet

Steven Overstreet began working as an apprentice in his father’s construction company as an apprentice, developing an appreciation for craftsmanship and process over time. Now, he runs his own luxury home building company.

At trial, a jury recommended that Overstreet receive the death penalty. He filed a post-conviction relief petition but it was denied.

Early Life and Education

Though Overstreet denied being present the night Eckart was murdered, evidence against him was convincing. DNA samples found on Eckart matched those belonging to Overstreet; fibers from his blanket and van had been discovered within her clothing; and his brother testified he saw him at Camp Atterbury. Additionally, sperm found inside Eckart had a match for Overstreet.

Overstreet claims his lawyers were ineffective for failing to effectively convey the State’s offer of a plea agreement in which Overstreet could accept guilty and receive life without parole rather than the death penalty. His sister’s uncontroverted testimony during his preliminary PCR hearing does not substantiate Overstreet’s contention that he was acutely psychotic when receiving this offer, only becoming upset after repeated encouragement by them to accept.

Professional Career

Overstreet’s passion for photography began during his high school studies. A high school course provided him with the basic principles, while being hired as yearbook photographer cemented it further.

Overstreet has worked many Bassmaster Elite events and several Bassmaster Open tournaments over time, and his favorite part has always been photographing winners.

He’s immensely proud of his accomplishment at WSU and attributes much of his success both personally and professionally to WSU students who work full-time while studying full-time for their degrees at night.

Dr. Stephen Overstreet, MD of Baptist Health La Grange has earned a patient satisfaction rating of 3.5 out of 5, reflecting his genuine care in understanding patients’ perspectives and needs.

Achievement and Honors

Overstreet was honored with both induction into Wichita State University Alumni Hall of Fame as well as receiving the James Sprowl Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice, established by family friend to honor an non-traditional student who pursued their degree for nine years primarily at night while working full time and raising a family at night. Overstreet won this prestigious scholarship in 2015. Furthermore, Overstreet won an Eisner Award (Best Graphic Album-Reprint, Parker: The Martini Edition IDW) as well as being nominated twice for Best Penciller/Inker for his work on Batman: The Long Halloween and Grendel Black White and Red.

Personal Life

Steven Overstreet has made a name for himself as an industry leader. Specializing in luxury custom homes, his specialty lies with craftsmanship and process. Additionally, Steven takes great pleasure in traveling, boating, golfing and cheering on Boston sports teams during his free time.

He currently fulfills his accounting responsibilities at Hand Family Companies and often travels between offices and locations for his work. He attributes WSU with helping him be successful both professionally and personally.

Overstreet’s primary ground of relief is that his two trial lawyers were ineffective for failing to convey a plea offer effectively to him. According to Overstreet, he was “acutely psychotic” at the time it was presented so could not understand or assess its worth.

Net Worth

Overstreet has made appearances on numerous television series and movies, such as Private, A Warrior’s Heart, 4th Man Out and Falling for Christmas. He is perhaps best-known for playing Sam Evans in Glee.

Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton both benefitted from his music; one being Kenny’s rendition of his co-written hit song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”, another co-written hit being his hit track “Some Beach”.

Overstreet’s legal battle to remain alive and avoid execution continues. He was found incompetent to stand trial this year, though that decision can be overturned if he can demonstrate he can manage his own care. Currently he reportedly possesses an estimated net worth of $3 Million and lives with wife Julie Miller and children Chord Overstreet, Nash Overstreet, Summer Overstreet Skye Overstreet and Charity Overstreet.

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