Steven Panagiotes

Steven Panagiotes Attorney At Law

Attorney Steven Panagiotes holds a Martindale-Hubbell Client Rating of 4.2 and practices criminal defense in Central Massachusetts, servicing Ayer, Fitchburg, Concord. His law office can be found here.

Gray testified that Gullifa failed to use her parking brake when she responded to his request for her to step out, leading it to roll toward his cruiser and towards him. Gray intervened by blocking its path with his cruiser and holding onto its brake pedal until Gullifa remembered to put on her parking brakes.

Professional Career

Steven Panagiotes established his law firm in Harvard, MA 23 years ago and has been practicing ever since. Rated with a 4.2 client rating by Martindale-Hubbell, his areas of focus include personal injury claims, criminal defense, DWI/OUI cases and DWI/OUI hearings for clients from Leominster to Lunenburg to Fitchburg to Gardner Sterling Lancaster Concord Bedford Maynard as well as many others communities throughout Massachusetts and beyond. At the outset of his career he committed himself to treating each case as though it were his own legal fight – something which remains at every step. Member of both Massachusetts Bar Association as well as American Bar Association

Personal Life

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Steven Panagiotes has provided outstanding criminal defense service for over 23 years to citizens in Fitchburg, Ayer, Harvard and other Central Massachusetts towns such as Ashby. At the outset of his career he made himself a promise that each client’s case would be treated as though it were his own; an ideal that continues to guide his practice today.

Net Worth

Steve had an enormous heart and was an outstanding individual, loved by all that knew him and will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him. A free spirit who lived life to the fullest he enjoyed fast cars, boating, riding Razor side by sides in the desert, shooting guns at nickel poker nights with friends and family as well as taking Ruby his beloved dog to dog parks or taking motorcycle rides – something he owned both Harley shops in Vallejo CA as well as Lake Havasu City Arizona where his home is situated; 32 trades of Gartner stock since 2003 with average selling prices exceeding $845,000. As of 1 June 2023 he owned at least 66,483 units from different companies!

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