Steven Panzik

Steven Panzik, MSPT – Director at Friends Of Port Rowing

Steven Panzik, MSPT is an expert in physical treatment to relieve pain, restore mobility, and increase movement and function. He employs ultrasound, electrical stimulation, joint mobilization and other techniques in his treatments for multiple conditions.

Panzik reports that Manhasset Crew finished strong this fall, winning multiple medals both open and novice competitions. He anticipates continuing its winning streak into spring competitions.

Early Life and Education

He made family and faith the cornerstones of his life, working tirelessly throughout his life to provide for their needs. He leaves behind Marianna (his wife of 45 years) as well as their three sons Steven, David and Kassia Shea Arden as well as seven grandchildren Hunter Logan Sheae Brody Anson Miles whom he greatly cherished.

#Prepped hosts Naka and Steve Panzik from Manhasset High School’s Crew team and TJ Cleveland from St John’s Men’s Basketball program to gain more insight into college sports recruitment from both perspectives.

Panzik was supported by 1776 Project PAC, an organization dedicated to electing school board members who promote patriotism and pride in American history, tracking schools that teach Critical Race Theory (CRT), which Panzik termed both as “neo-Marxist and racist.”

Professional Career

Steven Panzik is a physical therapist who specializes in treating various injuries and conditions. His primary objective is to reduce pain, restore movement and enhance overall function. To accomplish this goal, Steven utilizes various treatments including massage, heat, ice, electrical stimulation, joint mobilization and exercise therapy techniques on patients.

He is also a writer and has published many pieces in publications like Roslyn Patch. Additionally, he serves on both boards of Roslyn Chamber of Commerce and Nassau County Press Association.

On this episode of #Prepped, Naka is joined by Manhasset High School Head Crew Coach Steve Panzik and Associate Men’s Basketball Coach TJ Cleveland for a discussion about College Sports Recruitment. Together they cover both high school and university recruiting processes while discussing NCAA sliding scale for grades and test scores.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Panzik is the Director at Friends Of Port Rowing. In this capacity he oversees daily operations of the organization as well as creating goals and strategies that meet company requirements. Since joining Friends Of Port Rowing just months ago.

Steven Panzik and Nadia Giannopoulos were elected trustees on the Manhasset School District Board of Education during the 2022 Manhasset election, defeating incumbents Christine Monterosso and Allison O’Brien Silva. Giannopoulos is known to be an outspoken critic of Critical Race Theory; she received endorsement by Texas-based 1776 Project PAC.

Giannopoulos is an experienced educator who claims she is disturbed by Critical Race Theory’s ideological teachings. She plans on emphasizing patriotism and pride for American history as her top priorities.

Personal Life

Steven Panzik currently works at Friends Of Port Rowing as a director, having just started this role recently. In this capacity he works to develop goals and plans for the company while supervising employees.

He is believed to be single. Currently residing at 42 Andrew Street in Manhasset, New York; previously living at 53 Bristol Dr in Manhasset and 14 Mohegan Ave in Prt Washingtn, NY.

He has an extensive history of political activism, particularly regarding education. He is known to oppose public school teachings of Critical Race Theory, tracking schools that employ it. Additionally, he was recently endorsed by 1776 Project PAC which seeks to elect candidates that promote patriotism and pride in American history.

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