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PIA’s Steven Sabold Featured in Avionics News

Avionics News recently featured PIA’s dedication to aviation education and training by interviewing Steven Sabold, its Director of Marketing and IT.

Worstofall Design identified that small service businesses frequently struggled with branding and website design decisions, leading to analysis paralysis and project delays lasting months. They created intensive packages intended to be completed in as little as eight-hour day.

Early Life and Education

Steve Vai was raised in Carle Place, Long Island with his tight-knit Italian family. His mother showed him love and security while his father showed him the ropes to pursue hard work in life.

As an early learner, he began playing guitar at age 7 in Ohio Express band and later on joined Rayge rock group around age 14. Both bands gave him his first taste of performing live.

At high school, Joe Satriani took music theory class with Bill Westcott. This provided him with an invaluable foundation for all of his musical knowledge – as well as accordion lessons from him that helped shape him into the virtuoso guitarist he is today.

Professional Career

Steve has over three decades of experience in property and casualty production. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Steve has earned praise as an attendee favorite presenter.

He currently sits on both the Cloquet Country Club Board and Fairfield Christian School Board, in his free time he enjoys traveling, golfing, camping and spending time with family.

Pia Zadora has had an eventful life, from butterfly movies and The Lonely Lady to marriage and an alleged garden hose incident with Ray Liotta. Yet she seems to have weathered everything incredibly well and remains one of Hollywood’s renowned actresses.

Achievement and Honors

Pia’s career at PIA was marked with numerous accomplishments. He was recognized with being named Pittsburgh Campus Valedictorian in 2018, along with being inducted into Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society and receiving Golden Wrench and Diamond Electron awards.

Pia was one of the standout contestants during Season 10 of American Idol and her elimination was one of the most shocking in its history.

Personal Life

Pia owns both an Upper West Side townhouse and Breeze Hill Farm on Long Island – an apple orchard, hunting preserve, and event venue – which are all managed by him as part of his holdings. Furthermore, he founded law firm PB&W with several colleagues.

He is a certified specialist in workers’ compensation. With extensive experience managing complex cases involving injury to the brain and spinal cord, burns, paralysis and severe disfigurement he offers specialized legal advice in these matters.

Pia Maiocco, Pia’s wife, serves as bassist for his band Vixen. Additionally, she made an appearance in the 1984 comedy film Hardbodies and her musical and acting skills have helped her attain fame in her own right – appearing in Voyage of the Rock Aliens, Nevada Heat and Fake-Out among many others. Additionally, she is a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Net Worth

Pia Wurtzbach, an internationally-recognized model, actress, and beauty queen has amassed millions through her various professional endeavors. With a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube as well as sponsored posts that help generate revenues such as television shows and videos sponsored by advertisers – Pia has amassed significant wealth through her various professional endeavours.

Pia is known for being the host of Eat Bulaga!, having also appeared in various movies and commercials. She hosts lifestyle and reality programs.

Steve Thomas is an American television personality, builder, and author best known as the host of This Old House from 1989 to 2003 as well as Family Feud. His estimated net worth is around $1 Million. Additionally, he is married and has one son.

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