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Steven Pier and Joey King’s Engagement

As soon as news of Joey King and Steven Pier’s engagement broke out, celebrities immediately offered their congratulations online. Lana Condor wrote “AHHHHHHHHH congratulations love,” while Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne added personal messages with many emoticons.

Steel Pier was an oceanside landmark that attracted crowds from across the United States during its heyday, offering something for every taste imaginable: Broadway, Miami Beach, Las Vegas and Barnum and Bailey all under one roof.

Early Life and Education

Pier was disbarred for misappropriating client funds in violation of Bar Rules 1.15 and 8.4. To mitigate his misconduct, Pier asserted he was experiencing severe marital and new law partnership stress as well as taking prescription medication for depression.

Joey King and Steven Piet have been in a relationship for some time, and are extremely in love. Her A-list friends have offered support since Joey announced their engagement in December 2020, often seen hanging out together and going on trips together; sharing lots of pictures together on social media as well.

Professional Career

Pier opened his own firm specializing in custom beach homes and commercial office buildings, but felt called to serve his community by serving as a planning and entitlement consultant. Thanks to his knowledge and passion for our City’s heritage, he’s given back by serving on both its Planning Commission, Design Review Sub-Committee, as well as being on PierPride’s Board of Directors.

He is widely respected for his work as both producer and director, most notably as co-executive producer for two episodes of Hulu’s The Act as well as film director on USA Network shows Briarpatch and Channel Zero. In 2015 he directed Uncle John and served as cinematographer/editor on various productions.

Gerald Reade and Frank Brady of the Yankton bar gave testimony in support of his request for reinstatement, affirming his good character and reputation, while asserting he is an experienced, diligent, and reliable attorney.

Achievement and Honors

Mr. Doederlein has won awards for his award-winning photo essays on social issues for foundations, advocacy organizations and media outlets. His photographs have appeared in international magazines as well as permanent collections at several museums.

He is well known within the dance world as an expert teacher of both Limon work and Ballet, his students having danced with numerous notable companies throughout America and Europe including Alvin Ailey School, Martha Graham Center, Cullberg Ballet, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Introdans New National Theater Tokyo Philadanco among many more.

He served as a consulting producer on the TV series Nightflyers in 2018, and produced and directed episodes of Briarpatch with Joey King from 2019-20.

Personal Life

Steven has maintained a low profile and not revealed much about his personal life, although he is known to be dating Joey King since 2019. They can often be found sharing images from their dates via social media.

Pier has continued his paralegal work despite his recent disbarment, under the supervision of Gerald Reade and Frank Brady – two longstanding members of South Dakota Bar who have practiced law for many decades.

Steven has also served as both director and producer for several TV shows such as Nightflyers (2018) and Briarpatch (2019). Joey King, an actress widely featured in Steven’s posts, often appears alongside advice from her retired butler regarding regrets from the past that cannot be changed. This reinforced Steven’s recent realization that these regrets belong in the past where they belong and cannot be changed in the present.

Net Worth

Steven Piet earns an excellent living through his multiple professions. He reportedly makes between USD 40-45k per year as a director and videography work, affording him the luxury lifestyle he desires and allowing his family to thrive well.

As Erik Crary’s co-writer on ‘Uncle John’, he made his directorial debut in 2015 with a movie co-directed and co-wrote by him titled, Uncle John. Later that same year he directed and produced nine episodes for Channel Zero television show before taking the helm himself as director in 2017.

Joey King is an American actress best known for her roles in the films Ramona Beezuszus and The Kissing Booth. In 2019, he proposed and presented her with an engagement ring worth fifteen thousand dollars as an engagement present.

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