Steven Smothers

Steven Smothers, a Four-Star Receiver From Damascus, Could Make an Immediate Impact for West Virginia This Fall

Franklin High School senior Steven Smothers impressed everyone at the Maryland All-Star Football Game with his amazing catch rate of 38 passes for 696 yards and 11 touchdowns this season, drawing accolades from spectators at this four-star recruit could make an immediate impactful contribution for West Virginia this fall.

The Smothers Brothers’ variety show reached nearly 90 percent of American homes, yet they refused to yield to network pressure to tone down political humor in their show.

Early Life and Education

Steve Smith, a junior wide receiver from Franklin High School in Maryland, possesses the rare talent of making jaws drop whenever he touches the ball. A dynamic performer, Steve will make opposing defenses’ lives difficult.

He could follow in the footsteps of fellow Maryland prep star and former West Virginia University star Tavon Austin. At 5’9 and 160 pounds, Smothers has the size and skills necessary to become an all-purpose threat for West Virginia University.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour had an initial three-year run on CBS beginning in 1968 and enjoyed strong ratings. Unfortunately, however, network censors found several sketches objectionable including one on sex education – this led to legal challenges from the brothers as they asserted their free speech rights were applicable even on television.

Professional Career

West Virginia is no stranger to smaller wide receivers such as Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey who have excelled at Morgantown. He’s explosive off of the line of scrimmage, has quick hands for plucking balls out of the air, and can make defenders miss at will.

In 1999, Smothers returned to World Wrestling Federation under his real name, appearing at house shows and occasionally on Shotgun Saturday Night and Sunday Night Heat television programs. He participated in independent promotions both domestically and overseas (Japan tour with USWA wrestler Doug Gilbert as “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys), taking down Cactus Jack and Azrieal along the way. Smothers also appeared on Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling where his debut took place on March 27, 2000 against Hideo, Hisakatsu Oyagi and Kintaro Kanemura against all three wrestlers (Hideo, Hisakatsu Oyagi and Kintaro Kanemura).

Achievement and Honors

Steven Smothers from Damascus High School earned four-star wide receiver status after catching 36 passes for 696 yards and 11 touchdowns during a 49-14 rout over Linganore High School in Maryland state semifinals, drawing comparisons to former West Virginia jitterbug Tavon Austin. Furthermore, Smothers excelled as both kickoff returner and rusher for another score during that matchup.

Smothers won a Grammy for his song, “Let’s Get Small,” as well as being nominated for Best Comedy Album with “Cruel Shoes.” Additionally, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band movie.

Tom Smothers won an Emmy as a writer on “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”. Now Time Life has released a DVD box set from this series with guest stars such as Ray Charles and Bob Newhart making appearances.

Personal Life

Steven Smothers has made his mark not only through music but also writing plays, producing movies and hosting several television shows. Additionally, he has appeared in some films. Married to Anne Stringfield with one daughter on the way.

Remick Ridge Vineyards of Sonoma County is owned and managed by him along with his wife and children Bo and Riley Rose.

He has earned himself a reputation as an outspoken activist and champion of civil liberties, being active in many political and humanitarian issues such as protesting the war in Vietnam as well as criticizing Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson’s role in it. A member of the ACLU since its formation, his activism earned him recognition with Sonoma County’s Jack Green Civil Liberties Award.

Net Worth

Richard Remick Smothers, better known by his stage name of Dick Smothers, was born November 20, 1939 in New York City and has become known as one half of musical comedy duo Smothers Brothers with older brother Tom Smothers. Over his long and prosperous career he has made millions.

Robert Klein is widely considered one of the greatest comedians of his era and has amassed an enormous fan base over fifty years in entertainment. Beginning his professional life as a writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and later making television debuts such as the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Klein has long been considered one of the great comedic talents of our era.

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