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Steven Stallis, a 7th-Grade Science Teacher, Was Running the Boston Marathon When He Started Feeling Hypothermia

Steven Stallis was running in Monday’s Boston Marathon when he experienced hypothermia due to cold and rain conditions. A seventh-grade science teacher, Stallis is also involved with coaching cross country and track at Rockwood Summit High School and Selvidge Middle School in Lafayette Missouri as a cross country and track coach and asked one of their spectators for her coat in order to continue.

Early Life and Education

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On Marathon Monday, Stallis, a seventh-grade teacher at Rockwood Summit Middle School and Selvidge Middle School in Lafayette was attired lightly when he began to feel the effects of cold temperatures and rainy conditions. A spectator handed him her jacket, encouraging him to finish.

Stallis is the founder and head coach at Solutions Mindset, where he works with business leaders, athletes and their families and teams. Additionally, he acts as high-performance mindset coach for AFC Wimbledon FC and Cardiff City FC.

Professional Career

Steven Stallis is the founder of Solutions Mindset, an executive mindset coaching company for elite athletes and business leaders. As such, he serves as a leadership mentor, trainer, keynote speaker, and elite development mentor both within business and sport environments.

He has appeared in Netflix documentary, Sunderland Till I Die,” as well as spoken at BBC Radio 5 Live’s High Performance Podcast with millions of downloads. Additionally, he teaches at Rockwood Summit High School and Selvidge Middle School.

Smith and Stallis share an unyielding determination to set new goals. Smith started off his pursuit by running marathons in all 50 states before eventually breaking three hours in each race; for Stallis it began by qualifying for Boston and expanding to running six major marathons each year.

Achievement and Honors

Stallis began training for and competing in all six major marathons after winning the Go! St. Louis Marathon. So far he’s completed five, but needs luck to run London. In his pursuit of new achievements he continues to raise the bar himself.

Steven Stallis is a seventh-grade science teacher and girls’ cross country and track coach at Rockwood Summit high school and Selvidge middle. A graduate of Mizzou, he’s an avid Tiger fan. At Solutions Mindset he provides high performance support to elite athletes, business leaders, headteachers, as well as head teachers to ensure they reach their personal and professional objectives. Steven has contributed to BBC Radio 5 Live’s The High Performance Podcast; writing articles for The Lancer Feed and Runner’s World among other publications.

Personal Life

Steven Stallis, a seventh-grade science teacher who coaches cross country and track, felt hypothermia onset on Marathon Monday but was soon saved when a woman offered him her raincoat as well as making him promise he’d finish. To his amazement and all our delight, Steven kept his word and crossed the finish line!

While their circumstances differ greatly, both runners have similar pursuits. Stallis, an alumni of Mizzou University in Columbia Missouri, works as an educator at Rockwood Summit High School and Selvidge Middle School in Lafayette and currently teaches Algebra 1 Algebra 2, and Boost.

Solutions Mindset provides high-performance support for elite athletes, business leaders, headteachers and the families and children of CEOs. He has appeared in the Netflix documentary Sunderland Till I Die and regularly contributes his podcast The High Performance Podcast with over one million downloads each month on BBC Radio 5 Live – with millions downloading his show each day!

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