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Anthony Barksdale to Serve Life in Prison Without Parole For the Murder of Steven Stallworth

Anthony Barksdale of New York was sentenced to life without parole in connection with the 2018 murder of Steven Stallworth from Brick. Anthony was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, unlawful possession of weapons and possessing weapons while being a convicted felon.

Early Life and Education

After being honored as an All-Arizona quarterback and basketball star at high school, Stallworth decided to focus his energy and talent on the business side of baseball after graduation. As founder of Las Vegas Baseball Academy (LVBA), which offers fundamental and mental instruction for young athletes.

At his trial, he accused police of seeking to discredit him and that the judge who presided over his case had violated his rights to due process.

He pleaded guilty to one count of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder, facing up to 28 years of prison time. At least 85% of his sentence must be completed before being considered for parole consideration.

Professional Career

Stallworth has held various business roles. He was responsible for racially integrating the professional staff at Western Development Laboratories’ Industrial Relations office in Palo Alto, California; additionally he served as Director of Management Liaison with General Electric’s Advanced Technical Systems division and orchestrated their largest college recruitment program.

Stallworth is a longtime Las Vegas resident and former quarterback who has held various positions within the sports and entertainment industries, such as general manager of Orleans Arena, Thomas & Mack Center and Sam Boyd Stadium, marketing & sales executive of CFL Posse (Las Vegas Posse), AFL Sting (Los Vegas Sting) and Continental Indoor Soccer League Dust Devils (Las Vegas Dust Devils).

Lifelong UNLV fan, Stallworth is actively involved with the Rebel Football Foundation and organizes alumni events at his school. Additionally, he coordinates email groups for former players as one of their biggest backers.

Achievement and Honors

Stallworth has volunteered her services with numerous charitable organizations, such as the Detroit School Board, Children’s Aid Society and Black Child Development Institute. Additionally, she served on the board of a local community foundation and belonged to the Detroit Economic Club.

Stallworth graduated from UNLV’s Communication Studies Department in 1987 as well as playing quarterback from 1982-1986 for the Rebels as backup to Randall Cunningham and scored 23 touchdowns en route.

Once his playing days were done, he continued as an influential booster of the school, helping organize alumni events and maintaining an email group where former players could discuss any bumps or bruises they suffered while playing for him. Additionally, he worked as vice president/general manager of Orleans Arena as well as being an associate director at Sam Boyd Stadium, Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion.

Personal Life

Stallworth excelled during his time at Princeton as an All-Ivy performer and averaged nine tackles per game, leading the Tigers with two consecutive All-Ivy selections. As part of a Dartmouth defense that limited quarterback Jared Gerbino to just one touchdown during his senior campaign.

Stallworth came into national prominence following the release of his father Ron’s memoir “Black Klansman”, which was turned into an Academy Award-winning movie directed by Spike Lee and told of Ron’s infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan as a police officer during the 1970s.

Ron’s undercover work with the Klan ended, like in the film, when he met them for lunch at a nearby steakhouse – however unlike in the movie, Ron never revealed himself as an undercover agent at this meeting.

Net Worth

Stallworth amassed significant wealth during his professional football playing days and, upon retiring from playing with the NFL, pursued journalism as a reporter.

Stallworth is a highly esteemed figure in Las Vegas. With extensive experience working with sports and entertainment organizations throughout the city, he is widely considered a respected community leader.

Shakar Barksdale and Sevon Hill were charged with murdering Rogers-Alicea as they were found in possession of large quantities of cocaine and heroin at the time. Barksdale is said to have shot his victim for money owed them regarding drugs and weapons purchases; Hill was arrested shortly thereafter as well.

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