Steven Staples

The Steven Staples Scholarship Endowment Fund

Steven Staples is an accomplished policy and research strategist with extensive experience working for community organizations and labour movements, publishing multiple books, as well as advocating for peace and social justice advocacy.

As Virginia’s 24th Superintendent of Public Instruction, he serves in multiple K-12 capacities – such as classroom teaching.

Early Life and Education

He was known to live life his way, often to the displeasure of those closest to him. A passionate fan of both Dallas Cowboys and Arkansas Razorback football teams, as well as fishing any body of water he could find, he enjoyed life at its fullest extent.

Staples was executive director of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents and professor at College of William and Mary. Additionally, he spent 16 years leading local school districts.

Debra Williams Staples of nearly 20 years remains by his side; son Steven A. Staples Jr; daughter-in-law Beth Harrison; brothers Randy and Dan Staples as well as his cousin Todd Albert from Randalia Iowa – along with many friends who will miss him dearly. Funeral services will be held Saturday August 27, 2022 at Evergreen Cemetery in Stoughton.

Professional Career

Staples challenged graduates at the University of Mary Washington Friday during the Graduate Commencement Address to step up as leaders. He explored whether leaders are born or made, drawing inspiration from figures like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa as examples.

Police believe the individual they suspect of participating in the killing spree of Brooks Sandwich House co-owner Scott Brooks and four murder victims — Anthony Leaks, Asa Shannon, Siojvon Joseph, and Andres Moscotte — in December 2019 and January 2020 had just recently been released from prison after serving 12 years on charges related to robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

He was also an accomplished pilot, building and flying his own Piper Cub J3C aircraft across the country and attending events such as the Experimental Aircraft Association convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Achievement and Honors

The Staples Foundation’s named awards, created by individuals, corporations, civic groups and foundations – can support students who exhibit exceptional academic achievement or extraordinary interest in particular pursuits. Some named awards may be endowed to fund scholarships forever while others can be given away every four years with minimum commitment required.

At this year’s Staples Boys Soccer banquet at Norwalk Inn, emotions ran high: sadness for graduating seniors; regret over missed opportunities due to bad bounces; pride for upholding “The Staples Standard”, satisfaction at great accomplishments achieved, and excitement over 2017 season ahead.

One highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Jeff Lea Award, with Lea himself personally handing it off to Stuart McCarthy for being a volunteer assistant coach, summer referee and Top of the Hill Team member since 1978.

Personal Life

His loving wife is Julie Ann Mitton Staples and they share four children and spouses – Steven (Whitney), Christian (Sara), Diana Macias and Mischael Jones; four delightful grandchildren, Mary Staples as his sister-in-law; brothers-in-law David Mitton and Jay Mitton as brothers-in-law; numerous nieces and nephews as well as an extended network of best friends he treasured deeply. Junior was never happier than when cheering him on at baseball practice or when messing around in his backyard with 4 wheelers, dirt bikes or potato guns!

Staples was known for her set list, featuring civil rights anthems and freedom songs that underscored history through music. Following her departure from Stax Records in the late 70s, Mavis Staples issued two albums through Warner Bros. subsidiary Volt Records: disco-influenced Mavis Staples and Only for the Lonely.

Net Worth

Staples crafts farm tables, tavern tables and cupboards in his 10,000-square-foot shop from 18th and 19th Century old-growth wood sourced from barns, homes and mills throughout New England and Mid-Atlantic region. He also incorporates antique doors into new cabinets or furniture pieces.

Staples is an accomplished product, engineering and technology leader who has spearheaded multi-billion dollar cloud portfolios at both Adobe and Microsoft as chief engineer. An execution-focused leader who cares deeply about developers and users collaborating to make better software products.

Public records reveal that Steven Staples owns one company worth over $54 Million. Click here for his recent trades and ownership history; Steven regularly exercises his options and stock grants.

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