Steven Stockdale

Steven Stockdale

Steven Stockdale is a licensed clinical psychologist based out of Colorado. His focus includes child and family psychology; however, he also holds appointments at both University of Colorado and Chapman University.

He was held captive in Vietnam as one of the highest-ranking naval officers among his captors, and credits Stoic philosophy with helping him survive its harsh conditions and the subsequent tortures in captivity.

Early Life and Education

Steven Stockdale is a licensed clinical psychologist working at the Neuro-Health Center. He specializes in Quantitative EEG evaluations and neurofeedback treatment for Attention Deficit Disorders and Mild Closed Head Injuries; with over 31 years of experience and is an internationally acclaimed speaker on this technology.

Stockdale led airstrikes against North Vietnamese targets during the Gulf of Tonkin incident in October 1964 from his carrier aircraft, before his aircraft was shot down on September 9 1965 and taken prisoner of war for seven and half years as one of his highest-ranking naval officers who became active organizer of prisoner resistance movements while being imprisoned as POW.

When told that he would be paraded publicly, he took drastic measures to disfigure himself so his captors wouldn’t display him publicly. This act caused the Communist regime to cease torturing American prisoners and gradually improve prison conditions.

Professional Career

Steven Stockdale is an attorney specializing in family, estate and personal injury/accident law as well as insurance issues. Additionally, he handles civil trials, arbitrations and mediations – and has published works on legal writing and research.

Stockdale established a culture of resistance among American POWs during his captivity and found ways to communicate with his fellow prisoners, offering hope. He embodied all five roles of a leader – moralist, jurist, teacher, steward and philosopher.

Dr. Steven Stockdale is a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado and an expert practitioner of Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) technology, frequently speaking and instructing on this subject matter. For over 33 years he has treated patients at his Neuro-Health Center in Colorado Springs.

Achievement and Honors

Stockdale distinguished himself during his service to the United States Navy as an outstanding naval aviator. On September 9, 1965 during a mission over North Vietnam he was shot down and became one of the highest-ranking senior American military prisoners of war ever captured by North Vietnam forces. While being imprisoned he fostered a culture of resistance among fellow prisoners by creating five roles of leadership: moralist, jurist, teacher, steward and philosopher.

He ran for vice president on Ross Perot’s independent ticket in 1992 and received 19 percent of votes cast across several states. Kraig died July 5, 2005 in Coronado, California and is buried at Annapolis Naval Academy Cemetery (Annapolis Maryland). Kraig is survived by his wife Carol; together they had two children Kraig and Kara.

Personal Life

Steven Stockdale works at Transamerica Financial Advisors in Draper, Utah as a financial advisor. He has passed both Series 63 and 65 exams to become registered to provide investment advice in Utah, having worked in this industry for 24 years.

He and Sybil, his wife, are parents to four children and co-authored the 1984 book In Love and War: The Story of a Family’s Ordeal and Sacrifice during the Vietnam War.

They later relocated to rural Ohio and purchased a 150-year-old farm to escape mass culture and city living, living a wholesome lifestyle that includes raising their own meat and vegetables as well as playing bluegrass music with The Stockdale Family Band – founding members of League of American Families of POWs and MIAs (LeAFPMIAs).

Net Worth

Steven Stockdale has over three decades of experience as a real estate developer and investor, amassing an extensive portfolio of both commercial and residential properties. Together with his partner, Stockdale Capital Partners specializes in developing and investing across various asset classes.

He currently resides in Draper, Utah with his wife and son. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and fly fishing/hunting – activities which occupy much of his summer activities and winter skiing activities.

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