Steven Stompers

Steven Stompers

Steven performs regularly at the Channel Club in New Orleans as well as touring with Duke Heitger’s Steamboat Stompers, Orange Kellin, and Dr. Michael White.

Steve Stommers & The Jake Legg Stommers perform Pre-War Roots Music using period instruments in lively, authentic styles.

Early Life and Education

Steve first discovered his love for music as a child. Growing up listening to jazz radio stations, and being inspired by colorful bands that graced Kings Island Amusement Park gave Steve an idea for starting his own band.

Initial performances by Steve’s band, ‘The Stompers,’ included touring regional ballrooms such as Eastern Iowa’s Danceland and Swisher’s DanceMor. They then made waves by booking performances at Boston’s legendary Paradise nightclub where they quickly earned recognition as one of Boston’s premier bands.

Steve may not have been the best trumpet player, but he certainly owned the stage. His energy and swing were undeniable and his band adhered steadfastly to classics; during an era characterized by big band sound he understood what it took to lead it successfully.

Professional Career

The Stompers play in the Pacific Association, a four-team league which also features the San Rafael Pacifics and Vallejo Admirals. In this season they’ll also face off against Pittsburg Diamonds; an exciting prospect given that last season saw three women on their roster! The Stompers are known for their innovative promotions such as having three women play.

He was an ardent egalitarian who addressed everyone he met as “mate,” regardless of race, creed or station in life. Additionally, he was an award-winning songwriter, record label owner and jazz magazine publisher.

Miller and Lindbergh used a spreadsheet to draft their roster in 2015, and he contributed significantly towards helping their team secure two ASA second-place finishes as well as city, state and metro championships – striking out 78 times in just 23 innings last season!

Achievement and Honors

Stevens Stompers are considered “one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever!” Their song Coast to Coast/I’m in Trouble was a chart success and they became one of the first unsigned bands featured on a Boston-area compilation CD called Best of Boston Beat Volume 1.

After this success, the band was in high demand throughout New England and regularly packed clubs, roadhouses and nightclubs. As they shared bills with major rock acts such as J. Geils Band and Beach Boys concerts, which helped cultivate their fanbase even further.

In 1983, Cooch left the band, prompting Sal to recruit his high school friend Lenny Shea on drums. Soon thereafter piano player Jeremy Brown also joined and the group had reached full strength.

Personal Life

Steven is a proud family man and dedicated to his work. Together with his bandmates, he and their fans are passionate about raising funds for ALS research while aiding patients and their loved ones cope with this debilitating disease.

The Stompers quickly established themselves as one of New England’s premier acts, playing college campuses, roadhouses and nightclubs while sharing bills with national rock acts such as U2. Their music spanned multiple genres such as Classic Jazz and Bluegrass.

Steve became fascinated with Irish traditional music through Horslips. From there he explored many other genres and interests within music – but has remained deeply committed to his family and faith; both Mako and he support a number of charities including Alzheimer’s Association.

Net Worth

Steve O is a well-known personality who has amassed both fame and wealth through his various stunts and pranks, writing two successful memoirs, and being the host of popular YouTube channels. As such, he is considered to be among the richest individuals in the US.

Sal Baglio and Mark Cuccinello first founded The Stompers in 1977 after responding to an index card posted at a music store bulletin board, searching for musicians. Later they were joined by Stephen Gilligan and Dave Friedman; this combination performed their ten year anniversary show at Boston’s Channel Club that was featured on Live Your Dreams For Real documentary film.

Some fans suspect it could have been Bucky Barnes driving the Hydra-Stomper instead of Steve Rogers. This seems plausible since Bucky had received some form of life extension serum from Dr. Erskine which may have enabled him to pilot it successfully.

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