Steven Strasser

Steven Strasser – A Man With No Regrets

Steven Strasser has served as CEO for over 28 years at various energy companies across both North America and Asia. He holds law degrees from McGill University in Montreal and University of Washington.

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Early Life and Education

He was an exceptional storyteller, captivating family and friends with entertaining anecdotes that kept them laughing while also providing insights. A man without regrets who lived life his own way.

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and joining its military at age eighteen. He served in the Civil War that broke out while still attending secondary school education. Later he attended a military training academy before graduating with his bachelor’s degree from Moorhead State University in Minnesota.

On a warm spring afternoon, Strasser retreats into his Wannamaker dorm room, which he decorates with movie and music posters, clothes, books, and half-empty Snapple bottles. A guppy aquarium provides entertainment while his poker table gives him more wins than losses.

Professional Career

Steven Zygmunt Strasser was a professional who spent 28 years managing energy companies in both America and Asia. He served as chairman, director, and chief executive officer for Power Efficiency Corporation; also serving as chairman, director, and chief executive officer of Summit Energy Ventures LLC.

He served as executive officer of Penn State DuBois campus and led a team responsible for creating Commonwealth College, later becoming its largest college. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree from Duquesne University.

Dr. Eric Dwight currently works for Avonworth School District as a clinical psychologist, serving on various boards in Schoharie County and teaching at Community College of Albany as well as having his own private practice and belonging to School Counseling Advisory Board.

Achievement and Honors

Strasser was honored to receive the University of Washington Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 2010. This accolade recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions that promote diversity and inclusion within their broader communities or organizations; including acknowledging and respecting differences related to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, sex age disability veteran military service status gender identity economic standing or social background.

Summit Energy Ventures was his own clean-technology startup company; for 28 years he led various energy firms both domestically and in Asia. His career started out in Seattle as an attorney specializing in finance, real estate, and international law before transitioning into energy companies in both regions.

Personal Life

He was an incredible storyteller who could spend hours captivating family and friends with anecdotes that left them laughing while also imparting useful knowledge that may have otherwise gone unrecognized. His smile and laugh were infectious as he lived life without regrets or guilt on his terms.

After graduating high school at age eighteen under President Siaka Stevens’ rule, he joined the Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces at age 18. Following military training, he led a coup d’etat in 1992 against Joseph Saidu Momoh’s government by creating the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC), until another military coup by Tom Nyuma and Komba Mondeh overthrew it and drove him from power until 1996 when another coup led by them overthrew it as well as forcing him out before fleeing to Guinea after his overthrow by two of his generals who also overthrew their superiors during military training.

Net Worth

Teresa Lynn Strasser is an award-winning television host and writer. She is most recognized for anchoring the season opener of TLC’s home renovation show While You Were Out as well as co-hosting The Adam Carolla Show and being a correspondent on TMZ on TV.

She boasts an extensive client roster, such as Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Agee. Additionally, she was romantically linked to American Idol host Brian Dunkleman while at 5ft 6 inches she weighs around 130 pounds.

Though she no longer plays full-time poker professionally, Strasser remains committed to the game. Her most recent victory at WSOP Circuit Choctaw earned her another ring and entry into the Global Casino Championship – beating an entire field of 1,249 participants!

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