Steven To

Steven To – A Profile of a Black Male Recruiter

Steven has written numerous books addressing topics of anthropology and black studies. For his efforts he has won multiple awards and prizes such as the Anthony Leeds Prize in Urban Anthropology and Gordon K. Lewis Book Prize.

Steven is typically associated with masculinity; however, there are also feminine variants like Stephanie and Stefani available as options for this name. Stevie is often used as an informal nickname.

Early Life and Education

Steven is a male given name which translates to “wreath, crown”. This moniker can also be known by various aliases such as Stef, Steve or Stevie. Though typically associated with boys’ names, Steven has also been used as girl names.

Steven spent most of his adult life working for an insurance company in New York City. He often traveled across states to meet with customers and help them obtain better coverage. Steven was particularly enthusiastic about art exhibitions and wrote extensively in his journal about them.

He holds a Ph.D in History from the University of Pittsburgh and his research specializes in 20th century U.S. social and political history, particularly education history. Additionally, his focus includes religion studies as well as African-American history research. At present he works as teaching assistant at the University of Maryland.

Professional Career

Steven has over 10 years of experience as a recruiter with Robert Half, recruiting marketing, administrative, technology and executive level professionals across various fields. Using his extensive knowledge to help job seekers develop strong interviewing and networking techniques while creating successful future career paths.

As Assistant Director of Operations for UofSC Navy Sports summer camp programs, he gained insight into collegiate athletics. This opportunity enabled him to form strong connections within the industry.

He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter with two albums to his credit, who enjoys watching soap operas and crying freely–traits often associated with femininity.

Achievement and Honors

He has worked with various organizations to generate new conversations and devise innovative solutions that promote inclusion. Additionally, he teaches classes at Aquinas College on communication, sociopsychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

Steven’s gender identity often causes consternation among his fellow gems. While most males display masculine characteristics, Steven frequently displays feminine ones – for instance he enjoys watching programs featuring female caregivers giving caregiving services – as well as frequently crying, which has historically been considered an act of weakness among men.

After his mother passed, Steven made it his mission to honor her in every way possible. In later life, this meant following his passion for music and supporting Michigan State Spartans football games – two pastimes that continue today! Additionally, Steven remains committed to his family life with wife and four children living under one roof.

Personal Life

Steven To is an author and speaker whose books have sold over one million copies worldwide. Nominated for numerous awards and published in over eighty different publications, his work has also appeared as keynote addresses and professional storyteller.

To and Tabitha To have provided scholarships to high school students. In addition, they support numerous local and national charities.

This couple are active members of the vegan community, boasting an engaged following on Instagram with videos showing off their workouts and wellness regimens. Additionally, they host an audio podcast called The Veganists.

Net Worth

Stephen Smith is estimated to be worth approximately $275 Million, having amassed significant wealth through television and radio commentary work as well as endorsement deals with brands like Subway, Five Hour Energy and Madden NFL. Furthermore, Stephen has become involved with several charitable and philanthropic initiatives like Children’s Aid Society.

He owns several properties across the country and is an avid collector of art, particularly contemporary pieces by Banksy and KAWS, through his Masterworks platform which allows users to purchase fractionalized shares in these works (currently in beta mode and set for launch later this year). Furthermore, he holds shares in several publicly held companies like Microsoft as well as owning his home in New York City.

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