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A Holyoke Man and a Friend Are Holding a Fundraiser for the Mother of a 5-Year-Old Boy Killed in a House Fire

Holyoke resident Stephen Windoloski died last Christmas Eve when his home caught fire at 759 Chicopee Street in Chicopee. According to his aunt, Steven Windoloski was playing with his sisters at the time the fire started, while playing together when it occurred. A Holyoke man and friend have organized a fundraiser in support of Steven’s mother.

Nebraska State Patrol troopers conducted a routine license plate check of Steven Windoloski, 31, of Massena. When searching the vehicle they reportedly discovered 258 pounds of cocaine hidden within its interior.

Early Life and Education

Holyoke resident Tom Lepore lost his own son two decades ago and is holding a fundraiser to assist the mother of five-year old Steven Windoloski who died from injuries sustained in a house fire on Christmas Eve at his aunt’s house on Chicopee Street. Lepore wanted to do something meaningful in honor of his friend Steven Windoloski by organizing this fundraising drive, according to Lepore’s words:

Nebraska State Patrol reported on Thursday morning near North Platte they stopped an eastbound Mitsubishi Outlander driven by 31-year-old Steven Windoloski from Massena for violating license plate laws, when K-9 sniffer alerts alerted to drugs being present inside. Searches revealed two hundred fifty pounds of cocaine. Windoloski was then charged with possession with intent to deliver and no drug tax stamp; and taken into Lincoln County Jail.

Professional Career

Steven Windoloski, born and raised in Holyoke, made a name for himself in the auto industry as a mechanic at his father’s auto repair shop and eventually becoming an automotive dealer himself. Additionally, he held positions within automotive finance.

He was charged with possessing cocaine, possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, and failing to have a valid drug tax stamp during a traffic stop in Lincoln County, Nebraska.

One Holyoke man is organizing a fundraiser in memory of a Chicopee boy who perished in a house fire on Christmas Eve, at American Legion Post 452. Five-year-old Dylan, who was found unresponsive after being pulled from 759 Chicopee Street Apartment, died soon afterwards at a nearby hospital despite their efforts at saving him. His aunt and three siblings are being supported by this event in their care by Holyoke community members.

Achievement and Honors

Holyoke man Tom Lepore hosted a fundraiser to support Chicopee mother who recently lost her five-year-old in a Christmas Eve fire at her aunt’s apartment, saving him but later succumbing to injuries at hospital. Firefighters saved Steven Windoloski at 759 Chicopee Street but he later passed away later. It will take place Sunday and is organized by Tom Lepore and others along with students such as Haley Chamberlain for Cosmetology; Kaylie Ciccone for Health Services; Danielle Cronin for Dental Assisting; Tyler Grybowski for IT; Cassady Hackett for Cosmetology and Om Patel from Engineering & Robotics.

Personal Life

On Sunday, a memorial service will be held to remember five-year old Steven Windoloski who died last December in a house fire in Chicopee that left his aunt homeless and caused major property damage. A Holyoke man has organized a fundraiser in support of Steven’s family.

He enjoyed cycling and spending time with family and friends during his free time, including membership of Gallatin Noon Rotary Club and Salvus Board membership. In church activities he would host Friday Night Movie Club meetings. With Nan as his wife he enjoyed relaxing on their newly built porch; both First Baptist churches in Gallatin and Hendersonville provided services. Also golf was another passion that brought together close friendships at Tennessee Grasslands Golf Course near Tellico Plains Golf Course near Nashville TN

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