Steven Zamora

Steven Zamora

Steven Zamora is a massage therapist at Elements Therapeutic Massage-Greenlake and accepts various insurance plans.

After graduating from Stanford, he completed two Peace Corps service terms in Colombia before earning a law degree at UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall). Subsequently he practiced international law with Cleary Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton as an associate and at The World Bank as an employee.

Early Life and Education

Steven Zamora was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and became the first in his family to graduate college. After working as a teacher for several years, he went back to school and earned his MA in English from University of Houston.

He has written three books under his own name and co-edited an Ebook; as well as assisted with producing a Texas history text book. Furthermore, he has contributed scholarly articles and book chapters.

He had extensive expertise in international business law, international banking law and foreign trade law (NAFTA). His colleagues at the Law Center described him as hard-working man with ample time for others; dedicated to New Braunfels community as well as active member of LULAC.

Professional Career

As well as teaching at the University of Houston, Zamora published 26 articles for legal journals covering international law, Mexican law and US-Mexico relations. In Mexico he served as Fulbright lecturer as well as being part of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee.

She begged the boy’s parents not to contact police or notify either party involved. Later she was charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Steven’s career began to flourish once he started creating storytime animations on YouTube, quickly becoming popular and garnering over 100,000 subscribers to his channel. From there on out he would create skit and meme animations on it for several more years – eventually reaching beyond 100,000!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Zamora has amassed extensive experience working in multiple research labs on campus. Currently he is working alongside Professor Xiaojiang Cui to explore the implications of RNA splicing. While not ruling out medical school as an option, his ambition lies with continuing his research career.

This collection of 19 academic essays honors Leonard B. Rosenberg Professor of Law Stephen T. Zamora, an internationally acclaimed expert on Mexican law and US-Mexico relations who taught numerous classes at the University of Houston Law Center while founding and directing its Center for U.S. and Mexican Law.

The Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship supports academic pursuits of young activists making changes in areas of health justice and social justice. Applicants are required to show how they continue Pedro’s legacy with bold vision that no community ever again will suffer under silence, discrimination or stigma.

Personal Life

As well as serving as the first dean of Hispanic origin at the University of Houston Law Center, he also wrote books and articles on international law and business topics ranging from international economic law and banking regulations to Mexican Law.

Solito recounts 9-year-old Javiercito Zamora’s terrifying journey from El Salvador to Gringolandia (America), through taste, terror, and smell. With economy and eloquence he brings readers directly into this perilous journey’s taste, terrors, and smells.

Steven leaves behind his beloved wife Laura; children Brandon Trujillo, Paul Zamora (PJ), and Anthony Lujan; as well as many cherished nephews, nieces, cousins, in-laws, and friends. Additionally, Midnight Rose will carry on Steven’s musical legacy while Sing for Hope continues its mission of providing arts programming in under-resourced schools and health care facilities.

Net Worth

Steven Zamora was an esteemed businessman and philanthropist, giving generously to numerous causes including the University of Houston Law Center and Sing for Hope – a non-profit that brings music and arts programming into under-resourced schools and healthcare facilities. Additionally, he served on a panel which resolved its first government-to-government dispute under NAFTA.

Personal survivors include his wife Lois Zamora, an English professor at the University of Houston; sons Santiago, Bradley and Sanitago Zamora all of Pikeville; daughters Isabella and Camille Zamora of Pikeville; grandchildren Landon and Nate; Carol, Mary, Anita and John Zamora are also alive to remember him fondly. Donations in his memory may be made to Sing for Hope or UH Law Foundation as memorial gifts.

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