Stevo Guerrier

Stevo Guerrier Dies at 71

Quincy Guerrier stands out immediately with his physically mature appearance. On a recent December morning at Thetford Mines, he could be found wearing a tank top and shorts over tights while practicing his shot in an empty gym.

Underwood enjoys players who take aggressive shots and Guerrier is certainly one of those players. Furthermore, his presence gives Illinois an insurance policy should Coleman Hawkins decide to depart the frontcourt.

Early Life and Education

At seven, Guerrier was abandoned at an orphanage in Haiti, a country infamous for poverty, crime and natural disasters. His biological parents left without ever returning.

Guerrier first started playing basketball at his local rec center and carried one around with him whenever possible; even to brush his teeth or play video games. Additionally, he participated in soccer and street hockey leagues.

Guerrier was in an isolated Quebec town that kept him off of most talent evaluators’ radar, according to Autry. Autry noticed Guerrier’s aggressiveness, ability to hunt his shot, and consistent effort which convinced him to offer him a spot on his squad.

Professional Career

Guerrier is a member of both Old Dauphin Way Historic District and Oakleigh Venture Revolving Fund as well as Restore Mobile project’s past treasurer. He enjoys biking, exercising and reading and both he and his wife attend Covenant Presbyterian Church together.

Guerrier stands out immediately with his maturity. At 6-foot-7 and 220 pounds, his physique looks rugged enough for pro league competition. An adept shooter who can punish smaller defenders in the post before distancing them with his dribble.

Underwood’s system at Illinois is ideal for him as he is adept at playing both four and small-ball five, as he adds good size, physicality and an effective three-point shot to their roster.

Achievement and Honors

Stevo Guerrier attended Homestead’s South Dade High School where he flourished academically under Collin Bartley’s tutelage and participated in Unconquered Scholars and LifeConnectors mentoring programs. Later he attended Florida State University, enrolling in Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship.

Stevo was highly engaged with FSU throughout his time there, participating as both Homecoming Court Representative and Leadership Council Member.

Gevirtz School staff member Vivian Guerrier died unexpectedly in August 2007, and this scholarship honors her memory by awarding GGSE and credential students who exhibit courage and hope that were hallmarks of Vivian’s contributions as part of the Gevirtz community.

Personal Life

James Madison University historian Jacqueline Guerrier died from injuries sustained in a house fire last November while visiting her parents in West Augusta County. Airlifted by helicopter to VCU Medical Center in Richmond for treatment, Jacqueline Guerrier also passed away due to this tragedy.

As a standout varsity player in soccer, baseball and basketball, he competed for North Shore Amateur Basketball Club and Expressions Elite teams during his prep career.

He graduated with honors from Homestead’s South Dade High School. As part of Florida State University, he participated in both Unconquered Scholars and LifeConnectors mentoring programs, leading the Homecoming Court and Leadership Council for FSU as well as participating in their CARES program.

Net Worth

As of January 2023, his net worth has reached over $5 Million. Additionally, he has won various awards and prizes throughout his sports career; these include membership on Haiti national football team as well as playing for Neftci PFK in Azerbaijan Premier League.

He was born May 13, 1999 in Thetford Academy before transferring to Syracuse Orange High School for college studies. Standing 6 feet 8 inches with black hair and eyes. Unmarried at present.

Guerrier has written many Doctor Who novels, audio dramas and short stories for Big Finish’s ‘Short Trips’ anthologies; three of which he edited.

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