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Storing creative ways for firewood correctly

Although winter 2020/21 is quite mild in Germany, we always want to have it warm and cozy in our own home. Many people rely on central heating or a modern bioethanol fireplace to fill their four walls with cozy warmth. However, there are still numerous regions where it is preferable to heat the stove when the outside temperature is low. There is nothing more romantic than watching a blazing fireplace and feeling its warmth with all your senses. This is why the family often gathers around the fireplace. Now the question arises of how best to store your firewood at home without the room design and style of the house suffering as a result. If you are faced with this dilemma, we can help you with practical tips and numerous picture examples. Today we will show you creative ways to store firewood correctly. Stick with it and get informed and inspired by our firewood storage ideas!

With us you will find the most beautiful practical ideas for storing firewood properly!

Brennholz richtig lagern Holzregal eingebautes Holzregal neben dem Kamin loderndes Feuer Sessel weiche Texturen Gemütlichkeit pur

The firewood should be stored in such a way that it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the room.

Brennholz richtig lagern großes Fenster Kaminofen beiderseits Scheitholz gelagert unter der Fensterbank schönes Raumdesign

In general, you have two options for storing your firewood properly, somewhere well protected outside or inside next to the fireplace. Most people try to negotiate these two options and take advantage of them. In the following, we want to go into both variants and summarize the most important things for you.

An old boat can be converted and used as a wood store in winter.

Brennholz richtig lagern draußen ein altes Boot umfunktionieren als Holzlager dienen im Winter

This wooden shelf can be moved around, used as a storage option indoors or outdoors, as required.

Brennholz richtig lagern draußen Holzregal transportable Lageroption drinnen und draußen

Store firewood correctly: in a dry place outside

For proper firewood storage outside, you need to choose a sunny and dry place around the house. It must also be well ventilated and protected from rain and snow. For example, you can stack the purchased firewood on the south wall of the house by leaving a few inches free between the house wall and the wood. This distance is necessary for optimal air circulation. It would also be a great idea to stack this under a canopy. Other possibilities that are also possible are the basement and the garden shed. In principle, these are good wood stores if there is sufficient ventilation there. There are special shelves for properly storing firewood in specialist shops. These are made of either wood or metal and can be rearranged as required. However, you always have to keep in mind that you only need the firewood indoors. It is therefore advisable not to keep it far from the fireplace.

Store the firewood correctly – right on the threshold between inside and outside!

Brennholz richtig lagern rundes Gefäß aus Metall an der Schwelle zwischen drinnen und draußen

But how do you find this firewood storage in the interior next to the fireplace?

Brennholz richtig lagern eingebautes Holzregal im Innenraum neben dem Kamin gemütliche Raumatmosphäre

There are also more modern options for properly storing firewood and keeping it at home.

Brennholz richtig lagern modernere Option an der Wand schönes Raumdesign

Can I store the firewood in the interior and how?

As mentioned above, most homeowners stack the firewood in a dry, well-sheltered place outside and only bring in as much logs as they need for a few hours or a whole day. However, there are other storage options that are practical and fit perfectly into the room design. These are, for example, built-in wooden shelves that are next to or on both sides of the stove. These are specially designed to properly store the firewood, at home. They do not conflict with the overall design of the house, nor do they detract from its stylistic aesthetics. But on the contrary! You are in tune with it! These firewood storage options usually look like elegant pieces of furniture, such as a shelf or stand.

This wooden shelf looks very practical and elegant at the same time.

Brennholz richtig lagern drinnen zuhause Holzregal praktisch und sehr elegant zugleich

These wooden stands emphasize the rustic touch in this home.

Brennholz richtig lagern Holzständer Scheitholz im Innenraum rustikale Note

A basket for firewood next to the fireplace also has practical advantages.

Brennholz richtig lagern Korb neben dem Kamin praktische Pluspunkte

Brennholz richtig lagern Flechtkorb fürs Scheitholz praktisch und elegant

In addition, you can put a large basket next to the fireplace and always have enough firewood to hand. Great right? If you choose this option, you can only benefit from it and not lose any time or energy. You can also turn your firewood into an accent that is visually striking. And most importantly: those who store their firewood at home give their interior additional warmth and cosiness. Everything you urgently need in winter!

Now scroll down and be inspired by the following examples of pictures for correctly storing firewood! The editors hope you enjoy watching!

Built-in storage units are seamlessly incorporated into the modern room design.

Brennholz richtig lagern eingebaute Lagerungseinheit schickes Raumdesign Blickfang

Brennholz richtig lagern eingebautes Regal fürs Holz Kamin Holzvertäfelung

Brennholz richtig lagern geräumiges Wohnzimmer großes Fenster bequeme Couch eingebautes Regal neben dem Kamin

Brennholz richtig lagern moderne Raumeinrichtung elegante Lagerung unter dem Fenster neben dem Kamin

Brennholz richtig lagern klassisches Interieur Holzregal neben dem Kamin Klappsessel

Brennholz richtig lagern Kamin in der Wohnküche junge Frau unter dem Ofen Platz für Holzaufbewahrung

But they go best with rustically furnished houses!

Brennholz richtig lagern Kasten neben dem Ofen rustikales Ambiente

Brennholz richtig lagern unter der Fensterbank unauffällig elegant

Brennholz richtig lagern schickes Ambiente mit rustikalen Zügen eingebaute Holzaufbewahrung davor schicke Stehlampe

Brennholz richtig lagern in die Wand eingebaute Einheiten zur Holzaufbewahrung altes Interieur

Brennholz richtig lagern in der Ecke neben dem Kamin aufbewahren rustikales Zimmer

Brennholz richtig lagern Ofen Holzkisten daneben fürs Scheitholz rustikales Ambiente

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