Stress-free: Let Vehiculum search for a leasing car

It’s always the same: In the beginning, looking for a (new) car is fun. Especially when it comes to leasing vehicles, one likes to search, since these are almost always new vehicles. But frustration usually follows after a few weeks: There are either too many suitable offers and you want to “wait and see” or the dream car simply cannot be found with realistic rates. In addition, the question arises at the end: Have I actually gotten the most out of my budget?


A new service provider called Vehiculum (Latin for car/vehicle) promises to remedy the situation. In particular, Vehiculum wants to get in direct contact with car dealerships and take away the nerve-wracking search work, direct contact and comparison with individual providers. The service is completely free for the customer, Vehiculum finances its brokerage through commissions with the leasing car providers.

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The Vehicle team

The leasing search process is simple: the customer fills out an inquiry form online with the most important key data and agrees – also by telephone – maximum price and further details with Vehiculum. A complete configuration is not necessary, with Vehiculum you limit yourself to the most essential requirements. After 7 to 12 days of research, the best offers should be presented to the interested party – Vehiculum wants to get “the best” out of the negotiations for the customer. Among other things, the customer’s leasing request is advertised to dealers throughout Germany to ensure that the best offer is obtained. If everything goes smoothly, the car dealership will contact the customer directly and then arrange a handover date for the new leased vehicle.

Especially since Vehicle is completely free for the customer, those looking for leasing should definitely use it. Since Vehiculum has no fixed cooperation partners, the probability of finding more offers than in the relevant online exchanges is relatively high.

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