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Style guaranteed: 15 fantastic designer table lamps

The table lamps form small islands of light in the interior and also serve as beautiful decorative objects.

Depending on personal taste and furnishing style, there are various designs: classic table lamp with a large lampshade or old-fashioned versions such as the Edison table lamp.

British flag vintage table lamp

British flag in table lamp design

Nostalgic Edison table lamp lighting retro lightbulb

Nostalgic Edison table lamp

Vintage style table lamp walnut table lamp

Vintage style table lamp

Interesting and unusual designs are provided for decorative light. The designer table lamps can be adapted to any furnishing style and create a unique ambience.

Bottle lamp table lamp Design modern

Bottle lamp

Futuristic desk lamps turn into eye-catchers in the room, while the models with nostalgic charm set stylish accents.

Stylish LED table lamp bedside lamps

Stylish LED table lamp

Ornate timeless design table lamp made of brass wood

This table lamp shows artful, timeless design

Placed on the desk, the table lamps provide directional and selective light, as well as constant and energy-saving lighting.

Large beam angle table lamp black wood

Large beam angle

Downward light distribution-Elegant white table lamp

Downward light distribution of the table lamp

Whether in the living room or bedroom, in the kitchen or in the hallway, these accessories add attractiveness and comfort to the atmosphere at home.

Industrial style table lamp-steel nickel floor lamp

Industrial style table lamp

Simple and effective table lamp yellow

Simple and effective

Modern LED lamp cactus decoration table lamp

Modern LED lamp in the shape of a cactus

Unique design spherical lights

Unique design

Fantastic airy lamp designer table lamp

Fantastic airy lamp

Elegant lines and simple design table lamp metal contemporary

Elegant lines and simple design in this table lamp

Round modern table lamp wood and glass

Round modern table lamp made of wood and glass

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