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Stylish apartment demonstrates a cozy interior in a cool industrial style

Modern, preferred by some, avoided by others, the industrial style interior is very interesting despite the contradicting moods it creates. When it comes to industrial design, we immediately think of exposed concrete and bricks, unfinished walls, neutral colors, and raw materials in bulk. But it is much more than just concrete and tubing in the room. The industrial style is a special challenge that not every designer or interior designer is happy to accept. The reason for this is not wherever, but in its simplicity.

Industrial style cozy living room TV cabinet with colorful wooden boards

Delicate colorful elements in the living room are the shabby wooden boards and the upholstered armchair

The designers from Vievva Studio performed two basic tasks in the apartment that we are introducing to you today. You should design the living space in such a way that it meets the needs of the owner (young family without children). And then the more difficult task – to create a room design in the industrial style, where comfort and cosiness should definitely be present.

Industrial style cozy living room TV cabinet colorful wooden boards dining room anteroom

Two rooms have been transformed into one spacious room with 3 functional zones

The first step in the remodeling started from the walls. Part of it has been removed – in the kitchen and in the bedroom. In this way, the rooms became more comfortable and spacious. So a nice, cozy dining area emerged, which was always missing in the apartment before. With interesting wall tiles with Moroccan patterns and real wood floors, the designers created a dynamic atmosphere in the black and white kitchen.

Industrial style cozy living area colorful wooden table wooden chair hanging lamp upholstered furniture

Cozy atmosphere right from the entrance

The bedroom without two old massive walls was equipped with modern glass walls with sliding doors and so it is now successfully inscribed in the living room interior. The window frames are completely in the industrial style with straight shapes, large dimensions and black color. The furniture in the room is kept in the same style – dark, neutral colors and clear lines without ornaments or unnecessary elements. It’s a bedroom, but not quite – a work area with a wide desk has been set aside for both residents. The specific cosiness was achieved with a rich collection of model cars, some family pictures and toys from the childhood of the owners.

Industrial style cozy living area colorful wooden table wooden chair hanging lamp upholstered furniture white

The huge window in the living room ensures enough light during the day

The widest wall in the living room was covered with colored, shabby wooden boards – typically industrial. Otherwise, the neutral colors prevail here again – sofa in gray, walls, roof and floor – cream-colored, in some places you can see small black elements such as hanging lamps, TV cabinet, shelves, etc.

Industrial style cozy upholstered armchair real wood pictures bedroom bed carpet childhood

It’s always cozy with family and memories

This apartment is a perfect example of how an industrial design can be achieved in the home so that the cosiness is not lost. In doing so, his identity is preserved and preserved. The skillful combination between wooden elements, interesting carpets, delicate colorful elements and the straight industrial forms is also proof of the well-done job of the designers from Vievva Studio.

Industrial style cozy kitchen wooden floor

The new kitchen is a food preparation area and you don’t need so much space there

Industrial style cozy kitchen tile bar stool granite wood

Timeless granite kitchen worktop

Industrial style cozy kitchen bar stool granite kitchen top modern

A bottle rack – designed completely industrially

Industrial style cozy wardrobe mirror carpet rot.jpg

Carpet in red gives the room character

Industrial style cozy dining room wooden tables wooden chairs hanging lamp

The garish painting is a modern accent

Industrial style cozy dining room wooden tables wooden chairs hanging lamp work of art

The local lighting emphasizes the individual zones in the room

Industrial style cozy colorful accents shelves wooden furniture childhood

Some items from childhood always create a cozy atmosphere in the room

Industrial style cozy bathroom tile shower glass wall tiles wooden furniture sink

Industrial style in a cozy bathroom with tiles

Industrial style cozy work nook desk model car glass shelf

Illuminated glass shelves always look modern

Industrial style cozy work nook desk model car glass shelf sliding door

Always use colorful accents in rooms with a neutral-colored interior

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