Stylishly designed dining rooms are very trendy

It doesn’t matter if you have a Want to create a beach atmosphere for the next dinner for two at home or are currently planning to redesign your entire dining room, in both cases our trendy dining room designs would satisfy every interest in interior design. We want to introduce you to 10 selected examples that are our favorites among stylish and modern dining rooms. Take some time to look at them, it’s really worth it! Only then can you decide for yourself which idea suits your interior design best so that you can imitate it.

Bring a real beach feeling directly into the kitchen

dining room-ideas-living-ideas

Generously designed dining room offers a great view of the beach

The kitchen shown here is in a house right on a white sand beach in Florida, which means you shouldn’t go out of your way to bring the beach vibe right into the dining room. Everything in this room exudes a casual chic look. Comfortable chairs with white covers and a rustic table encourage residents and their guests to come straight from the beach into the dining room and enjoy the wonderful view of the ocean while having dinner together.

The rustic look of this dining rooms numbs all the senses

modern-style-rustic-dining room

A dining room in rustic style enchants from the first glance

always when I see this dining room I immediately think of an old farmhouse. All of the interior design here is done in a rustic style, obviously using an abundance of materials to create this stunning look. Chic wicker armchairs stand around the wooden dining table and invite you to eat. What else do we see: galvanized steel on the stylish chandeliers, hanging directly above the dining table and jute blinds complement each other and really complete the rustic look of this dining room.

Industrial elegance – there is something like that too!

industrial-vintage room design

Industrial interior design can also be stylish and elegant

This industrial loft-Apartment fulfills many functions, and to the fullest. Instead of at least trying to divert attention from the exposed pipes and factory-style windows, the interior design emphasizes and even highlights them. The dining table, chairs and bench are all with blackened steel legs. A large steel bookcase serves as a stylish room divider. The black and white tiles on the back wall of the kitchen show an interesting pattern, which complements the entire color concept in the room and emphasizes the industrial look.

Warm applause for the designers of this dining room

dining room-colonial-style-modern-classic-dining room

A round dining table visually enhances the round shapes on the ceiling and a large chandelier rounds off the look

Often you choose that Furniture for a specific room in such a way that it imitates the architectural details there. This little trick makes the entire room look visually appealing. In the picture we show you a charming dining room in Los Angeles, where the best has been made of the decorative ceiling. With a round dining table directly below, the circular shapes are superbly emphasized and the view unintentionally leads upwards.

This dining room exudes a strong feeling of joy and playfulness

white-dining-room-pendant-lights-modern-pendant lights

Enjoying a sea view from the dining room is always a plus for the apartment

This dining room offers a great view of the Atlantic and the room pays homage to nature outside with its walls and furniture in pastel light blue. The glass top of the dining table and the elegant pendant lights above add even more freshness to the airy room atmosphere.

A Ddesigner wonder in white and wood


Pure elegance in white and wood

This London dining room is also on our favorite list of stylish dining rooms. The designer Clare Gaskin has skilfully paired wood and white and achieved this elegant look. The wooden stairs and the white tiled floor correspond well with each other. The striking pendant light is in the same color as the wooden legs of the dining table and chairs, otherwise everything else is gleaming white. Sometimes just two color tones are enough to achieve a very special room design, right?

A chic dining area, which deserves all attention


This dining area exudes a lot of cosiness and warmth

This EssThe corner of a Minneapolis house is a great example of how much you could do in a limited space. A built-in windowsill is pepped up here with soft and eye-catching pillows. The dining table is a gem with its peculiar base and an even more interesting-looking wooden top.

Stripes shouldn’t look boring at all


How do you like the striped patterns in this dining room?

Stripes, stripes, stripes everywhere. The stripes go from the ceiling beams to the banister, from the wall panels to the chairs. This dining room impresses with all the striped patterns in various shades of blue and the straight lines don’t look overwhelming.

Designer details make the look

group of tables-dining-table-chairs-dining room

Attention to detail can make a big difference in interior design. Here one has also thought of little things in the design

Even in an all-white dining room, you need a few splashes of color, the designers advise. And they are undoubtedly right. The dining table and wooden chairs make all the difference in this Boston dining room and instantly create visual interest at the white dining room. The yellow-painted legs of the dining table attract the eye, they go perfectly with the brass pendant lamp above the dining table. Modern leather chairs and an antique sofa offer enough seating and are waiting for visitors!

Midcentury glamor overwhelms here

dining table-industrial-charm

Do you like the midcentury style?

This house in California was made Built in 1958 and now redesigned, it has retained its midcentury charm. The wooden ceiling with the beams, pieces of furniture and the striped carpet suggest that the designers wanted to keep the atmosphere of the 70s in this dining room. Only the crystal chandelier brings a surprising note and new glamor into the ambience.

Have you already found your own favorite among the examples just presented?

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