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Successful designs bring your walk-in shower to the highest level

Walk-in showers are stylish and functional. This makes your bathroom look modern and at the same time you use the space as effectively as possible. Walk-in showers do not necessarily have to involve a large investment. Borrow one of the following design ideas and your bathroom design can be of the highest level.

walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are the modern solution for your bathroom


Combine a walk-in shower and a wonderful spa atmosphere and get a bathroom of the highest quality

A walk-in shower can enhance your bathroom in a number of ways. Through this you can achieve many beneficial effects. With a walk-in shower you can create a fabulous spa atmosphere in the bathroom. In combination with light colors, the room looks particularly wide and open.


Walk-in shower without glass

A walk-in shower should ideally be made of glass. This allows you to blur the boundaries between the different zones in the bathroom, you avoid fragmentation in the room and it looks much more elegant.

The walk-in, walk-in glass shower also makes sense in a larger bathroom. Everything looks more airy there and interesting lighting effects are created.


Glass is understandably the most widely used material


Glass blurs the boundaries between the individual zones in the bathroom and makes the entire room appear larger

Walk-in showers are very functional when placed in a wall niche. For a threshold-free transition to the rest of the room, it is best to install glass panels at room height. Benches and bathroom cabinets can be used on the walls.

The shower design looks particularly elegant when all the elements are chiseled from one and the same material. For example, marble and its imitations can be paired with glass.

shower cubicles

A corner shower actually looks fabulous

  • Walk-in showers flooded with light

Walk-in showers appear more luxurious when they are flooded with light. Here are some ideas on how to do this. Consider adding a window to the shower stall. Make sure that you protect your privacy with appropriate alignment.

Should the walk-in shower be in the attic? The windows on the roof are a great source of light and your private space is protected in a very natural way.

In addition to these two variants, there are a number of other options for integrating windows into the shower. Even a very small light opening close to the ceiling can provide sufficient comfort and warmth.


Daylight and electrical light sources are absolutely necessary

Walk-in shower in combination with a steam bath

Walk-in showers can be easily combined with a steam bath in a room. For this to work well, there are a few important rules that you should follow. Most importantly, make sure you include at least one, but ideally two or three benches. The most elegant design solution would be for them to be placed in front of the wall and made of the same material.

In this case too, a window would make a lot of sense.

Not only a steam bath, but also other functional facilities can be integrated into the glass shower. In many cases, for example, installing a washbasin makes sense.

You can refine your very private spa area with other elegant design elements that have a purely aesthetic value. For example, you can install a luxurious looking lamp or chandelier. These should of course be suitable for the specific conditions in the bathroom.

The walk-in shower corresponds completely to the modern concept for comfort with few details. It is a good basis on which you can achieve a very sophisticated appearance through the skillful use of materials and light. The important thing is that you strive for a stylish match between the elements in the room and the rest of the home.

Scroll down and admire many great bathroom designs with a walk-in shower in our picture gallery.

walk-in shower ideas

Shower in style and class


Combine shower and bathtub

walk-in shower cubicle

In case you had an extra room just for the shower


Modern design solutions are always a plus!

Aim between the elements in the room and the rest of the home.

walk-in-shower-concrete look


floor level shower design

shower cup



floor-level shower trend

floor-level shower-modern-ideas

floor level shower idea design

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