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Summer vacation in the garden? Here are the garden furniture trends for 2021

The weather is getting warmer and warmer and the rising outside temperatures make us think about our next summer vacation. Unfortunately, even the best vacation idea could be difficult to realize this year. Because of the ongoing corona situation and the associated travel restrictions, you will probably not be able to travel this summer either. But there are clever ways how you can bring that holiday feeling back home. Regardless of whether you live in the big city or in the country, you will definitely have a balcony or terrace, in the best case a garden. These outdoor spaces can be transformed into little oases of calm. In your relaxation zone in the open air, you can spend a lot of time in the fresh air and feel like you’re on vacation. With chic and comfortable garden furniture you can equip a place where you have the best comfort. In the following, we will show you which garden furniture trends are current in 2021 and what you need to consider when setting up outdoor furniture.

The current garden furniture trends for 2021 ensure a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 Gemütlichkeit unter freiem Himmel Ecksofa weiche Polsterung in Schokoladenbraun Teppich Kaffeetisch

A new living trend is creating a more holiday feeling in the garden or on the balcony

When we write about cozy places in the open air, we cannot skip the new living trend from recent years. Since we all spend too long at home in the cold months, most people now want to be outside in the sun when the weather is good. From this endeavor a trend has emerged, according to which people like to move the living room outdoors. In the garden or on the balcony you set up such places where you like to linger with friends and family, enjoy full relaxation and feel in the middle of nature. To make all of this possible, you naturally need comfortable outdoor furniture that is weatherproof. High-quality garden furniture, which is currently very popular, comes into question here. They help us to enjoy the same comfort outside as inside. In short, you don’t have to do without anything in your outdoor relaxation zone that you are used to in four walls.

Outside, your 100 percent comfort is also guaranteed!

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 gepolstertes Ecksofa in Grau Kaffeetisch Kissen Wurfdecke in hellem Grün gemütliche Sitzecke draußen

Everyone would definitely have a great holiday feeling here, wouldn’t they?

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 graues Ecksofa weiche Polsterung Teppich Kaffeetisch Wohnzimmer unter freiem Himmel See im Hintergrund

Garden furniture trends 2021 – what is the latest this year?

In principle, high-quality garden furniture is designed so that you can enjoy a relaxing time outdoors. There is always something suitable for every style and taste. No matter whether you are having a barbecue outside or partying with close friends, relaxing or having coffee with a loved one, you always have to feel comfortable and pleasant. It’s a strange feeling – you’re at home, but you feel like you’re on vacation and you enjoy every minute of being outdoors. The following information will definitely help you to set up such a heavenly place.

1) Garden furniture 2021 combine clear design and high comfort

The garden furniture trends for 2021 are going in the already known direction. They combine a simple, almost minimalist design with a high level of seating comfort. They have an elegant look without being particularly noticeable. However, they offer comfortable seats so that you can fully enjoy the summer sun and fresh air outdoors.

Elegant optics and high seating comfort go hand in hand here.

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 Essecke am Pool schöne Umgebung bequeme Stühle rechteckiger Esstisch aus Holz

2) The outdoor furniture 2021 is made of different materials

When it comes to suitable materials for garden furniture, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Most outdoor furniture is made of wood, metal, cast aluminum, rattan or polyrattan. But natural materials are particularly trendy this year. Elegant garden benches, tables and chairs are seamlessly inscribed in every garden or balcony. This year, garden furniture made of polyrattan will also be particularly popular. These bring more elegance to your outdoor area and at the same time offer you first-class comfort.

An outdoor dining area for those special moments with family and friends.

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021offene Veranda Essecke im Freien runder Esstisch aus Holz bequeme Stühle

3) Modern color scheme outside

Logically, natural colors dominate outside as they blend in perfectly with the environment. This summer, however, we can also see garden furniture in intensely colored tones. For example, an upholstered, elegant outdoor sofa in orange or bright red is no exception. With garden furniture like this, you can bring more color to your little oasis in the garden or on the balcony and feel happier. It is well known that bright colors create a better mood and make us dream of distant travel destinations.

Garden furniture in intense colors can also often be seen in the summer of 2021.

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 graues Ecksofa weiche Polsterung Teppich Kaffeetisch Wohnzimmer unter freiem Himmel See im Hintergrund 1

4) Garden furniture 2021 can be used in many ways

Outdoor furniture 2021 can be used in many ways. You can bring these into your own four walls in winter and use them there. In addition, the garden furniture can be wintered in the winter garden or on the covered veranda. They are robust, weather-resistant and rust-free, so they can be exposed to different weather conditions. Neither the strong sun nor heavy rain, wind or snow can spoil your look. In addition, modern pieces of outdoor furniture can be easily combined with one another. You can buy a whole set of garden furniture or individual pieces of furniture that go well together. You have to decide for yourself depending on the available space outside and your budget.

We wish you a nice summer season that you can spend in your garden or on the balcony in an interesting and varied way! So nothing stands in the way of your summer vacation in the garden!

Garden furniture trends 2021: Now you know what is in demand for garden furnishings this summer.

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021Sitzbank aus Holz runder Tisch aus Metall weiße Hortensien weiße Margeriten grüner Rasen schöne Umgebung

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 bequeme Sitzbank im Freien aus Holz dunkle Sitzpolsterung zwei Kissen

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021Sitzbank im Freien weiche Polsterung in Grau weißes graues rosa Kissen rote Blumen daneben

Gartenmöbel Trends 2021 Essecke für acht Personen im Freien rechteckiger Esstisch aus Holz Stühle dazu

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