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Nancy Shevell – A Well-Known Businesswoman With a Net Worth of $200 Million

Shevell, an acclaimed businesswoman with a net worth of $200 million, holds a distinguished career having held positions like Vice President at New England Motor Freight and serving on the board of directors of New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

She grew up in a Jewish family and later studied transportation at Arizona State University – becoming interested in her family business as it expanded.

Early Life and Education

Shevell was born November 20, 1959, in New York to Myron Shevell a Jewish American businessman who owned New England Motor Freight trucking company. She also had two siblings Susan and Jon whom she loved playing with as children – especially playing with trucks! As she got older she took up football at school as well.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Transportation from Arizona State University. Additionally, she holds the position of Vice President at her family’s transportation conglomerate and has served on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board in New York since 2001.

Shevell has been married twice. Her first marriage was with lawyer and politician Bruce Blakeman, with whom she shares Arlen. Later that same year, Shevell started dating Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame; this led them to get engaged on October 9, 2011 at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London and marry one year later on November 9th 2011.

Professional Career

Shevell first entered the workforce by joining New England Motor Freight under her father. After graduating university majoring in Transportation, Shevell has worked her way up through various levels in this industry – currently as Vice President of Company’s Administration and since 2015.

She has participated in many successful projects and was appointed by Governor George Pataki of New York to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board.

Shevell had one son from her prior marriage with attorney-turned-politician Bruce Blakeman and one from Paul McCartney on October 9, 2011 at Marylebone Town Hall in London, and they have since been living happily ever after with no plans of parting ways anytime soon.

Achievement and Honors

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University with an emphasis in transportation – an unusual choice among female majors! One of only a handful, Shevell managed to become one of its majors.

She joined her father’s business in 1983 and three years later she rose to the role of Vice President. Additionally, she served on the board of The Metropolitan Transportation Authority – New York’s largest public transit administration.

Shevell had been fighting breast cancer herself until the passing of her mother in 1991; since then she has married Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame as well.

They were married on 9 October 2011 at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London and signed a prenuptial agreement which excludes Shevell from any entitlement to alimony payments after marriage.

Personal Life

She is an American businesswoman who has worked at her father’s company for decades. After joining in 1983 and serving three years on its board as vice president, she eventually went on to serve on The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board, one of New York’s primary public transit authorities.

Jon and Susan are her siblings. Although she was born a female, she exhibited some boyish characteristics during her childhood – such as playing football for her school’s team! Additionally, she enjoys skiing and flying as hobbies.

She married lawyer and politician Bruce Blakeman and gave birth to Arlen Blakeman before meeting Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles band. Paul proposed on 9 October 2011 and they became husband and wife on that date.

Net Worth

Nancy Shevell is a businesswoman who has made an impressionful career out of managing the haulage company owned by her father. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in transportation from Arizona State University, served on the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority board and doesn’t harbor any desires to become homosexual or bisexual; first marrying lawyer-politician Bruce Blakeman whom she had one son from, before divorcing in 2008.

Success in an otherwise male-dominated field has brought her immense wealth, estimated to be around $200 million. Later that same year she married former Beatles member Paul McCartney – whom she eventually married on October 9, 2011. Together they appear to be very happy together.

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