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Swing frame made of wood or metal – tips for the perfect children’s swing in the garden!

Hardly any other piece of play equipment is as symbolic of childhood as the swing. Children love to swing, and so do we, adults who are young at heart. In addition to fascination and fun, children’s swings give your loved ones a lot of advantages. By the way, for example, the sense of balance is trained at a very early age and the child learns to trust and conquer fear. In addition, important gross motor skills are developed and your own muscle strength and basic muscles are promoted. And even the child’s brain function, nervous system and creativity benefit greatly from rocking. All good reasons to set up a swing or a play tower in your own garden, right? In the following lines you will find out what is important when buying the right swing and what you should consider.

wooden frame by wickey

This must be taken into account before buying a children’s swing

First and foremost, you should ask yourself where exactly the swing should be set up and whether there is actually enough space available. Make the distance to obstacles a little more generous so that the children are safe from bumping into the swings. Stability and weight are also very important factors when choosing a swing system. This should be absolutely safe and robust and be able to withstand even the strongest vibrations. It is advisable to use special anchors for fastening, which are then cemented into the ground. The load weight must not be exceeded, which is particularly important for double or nest swings.

Depending on the age of the child, you should choose the right type of swing. Baby swing and toddler swing with the so-called swing seat are quite different from the swing boards or even the adventurous trapezoidal and plate swings, for example.

The material is of course also an interesting aspect. We will look at this in more detail below. In principle, you can opt for a wooden swing frame or one made of metal. There are also swing frames and other play elements made of plastic and rubber, or maybe you prefer a mix of materials?

swing frame wood wickey with slide

With children’s swings, however, the safety of the little ones comes first. So refrain from cheap goods and prefer high-quality swings and play systems from well-established manufacturers and suppliers. And last but not least, you should think about the right floor covering. This should either be a thick layer of sand, a soft lawn or, best of all, a good fall protection mat.

Swing frame made of wood or metal?

Which building material you choose exactly for your swing is on the one hand a matter of taste and on the other hand a well thought-out decision, because each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. A swing frame made of wood, such as one from Wickey, looks really great. It blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings of your garden and cannot heat up even in the blazing sun. Wood also feels better to touch and is much better accepted by most children.

Wickey wooden play tower

A swing frame made of metal, on the other hand, is quite robust and weatherproof. However, it has the disadvantage that it can heat up in the sun and is uncomfortable when playing and swinging. Here, too, you should rework deeper scratches with varnish to prevent rust. When it comes to metal, you can experiment even more with different colors and make the play equipment as colorful as you want.

wickey swing frame wood

What types of children’s swings are there?

Not all swing is the same. Luckily, there is a lot of fun on the swing and you will find just the right thing for every child. And even better: some manufacturers offer exciting possibilities with swings that can be set up with different play elements and accessories, such as slides, climbing extensions, climbing nests, etc. And if you have enough space in the garden and the necessary budget for it, you should right away get an exciting play tower with lots of adventures for the little ones.

The most important types of swings at a glance:

  • Rocking board – Probably the most classic way of swinging, not suitable for babies and toddlers under 3 years of age
  • Lattice swing – also called the swing seat, perfect for toddlers from 1 year
  • Nest swing – still known as the bird’s nest swing, is suitable for very small children and even babies under supervision
  • Gondola swing – Two or more children can swing together, suitable for children from 3 years
  • Plate and trapezoidal swing – designed a bit more acrobatic, only suitable for older children from 3 years

So if you still don’t have a swing in your garden, it is definitely high time to get one and make your little ones happier. Rely on good quality and rely on high-quality providers online who guarantee you perfect service and an optimal price-performance ratio. Choose the perfect children’s swing with care and love and spend many unforgettable hours with your treasures, full of swing fun and bright children’s eyes.

rote rutsche sky slider von wickey

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