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Paul Gladney Mooney

Paul Gladney, known professionally as Mooney, was an award-winning comedian and writer who had roles in a range of movies and TV shows.

He and Yvonne had four children together; Dwayne, Shane and Spring. Unfortunately, however, his youngest son Symeon was killed in 2001.

His other children are well and active on social media.

Early Life and Education

Paul Mooney was an esteemed comedian and actor best known for writing jokes for Richard Pryor. Additionally, he worked on multiple films and television shows such as Hollywood Shuffle, The Buddy Holly Story Junebug Spike Lee’s satirical film Bamboozled as well as Chappelle’s Show.

George Gladney Mooney was born August 4, 1941 in Shreveport, Louisiana to LaVoya Ealy and George Gladney.

He married Yvonne Mooney in 1973 and they had three children together: twin sons Dwayne and Daryl Mooney as well as Symeon Mooney who tragically passed away in 2001. Later they divorced.

Mooney was an animal lover with a deep passion for writing. A keen supporter of the arts, Mooney made numerous friends in the industry including actresses Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay and Maxwell as well as comedian W. Kamau Bell.

Professional Career

Mooney began writing and telling comedy jokes as a ringmaster at Gatti-Charles Circus, eventually leading him to his first professional gig as a comedy writer for Richard Pryor’s show Sanford and Son, The Larry Sanders Show and In Living Color.

He was known for his direct approach to racial humor, often upsetting audiences. Some of his most offensive jokes related to race included using the N-word or making jokes about Diana Ross or other African-American celebrities.

Mooney was the father of four children: Shane, Dwayne, Daryl and Spring; his final child Symeon was murdered in 2001. Mooney later married a woman named Shelly but not much is known about their relationship; Mooney also dated multiple women including Stacey J and Lotti Petti.

Achievement and Honors

Mooney had an accomplished writing career, writing jokes for Red Foxx and Richard Pryor as well as being head writer on In Living Color; creating Homey for that show; becoming a regular extra on Playboy; short-marrying actress Yvonne as an extra; being head writer on their show that gave many comics their first break and creating Homey on In Living Color – giving many comics their start!

He is survived by three family members – Spring Mooney, Daryl and Dwayne Mooney and his late brother Symeon Mooney who died in 2001. Spring’s daughter spoke out on social media following the news of her father’s passing, lamenting how she lost a close companion.

Mooney passed away peacefully in his Oakland home from a heart attack, according to representative Cassandra Williams. Many celebrities including Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay, Maxwell and W. Kamau Bell paid their respects on Instagram in tribute to this pioneering comedian.

Personal Life

Paul Mooney was a proud and loving father to five children with his wife Yvonne. They tied the knot in 1973 and welcomed Spring, Shane, Daryl and Symeon into their home; unfortunately his youngest son Symeon Mooney was tragically murdered in 2001.

Mooney used humor to address racism and social justice during his career. He wrote for shows such as Sanford & Son, Good Times, The Richard Pryor Show and In Living Color as well as acting in films such as Bamboozled.

Mooney wrote his memoir Black is the New White following the death of his son in 2008. This book was published and made widely available. Additionally, Mooney appeared in various comedy and history documentaries before passing away peacefully at his Oakland residence in May 2021 at age 79.

Net Worth

Paul Mooney was an attentive father to his five children with first wife Yvonne. They exchanged vows in 1973 and welcomed Dwayne Mooney, Spring Mooney, Symeon Mooney and Daryl Mooney into the world together.

Mooney made a name for himself by infusing racism and social justice into his jokes, serving as a staff writer on shows such as Sanford and Son, Good Times, Saturday Night Live and In Living Color as a staff writer; acting in The Buddy Holly Story (1978), playing Sam Cooke; Bamboozled (2000) playing Negrodamus as an actor;

Mooney passed away at Oakland, California on May 19th at age 79 and was survived by both twin brother Dwayne Mooney and sister Spring Mooney – who remain actively engaged with comedy industry activities.

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