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Symmetrical furnishings for a successful home design

We intuitively combine the symmetrical properties of many objects with aesthetics and beauty. Among them are, for example, the human faces, the snowflakes, the violin, even the Eiffel Tower. In terms of interior design, the rooms can also be designed according to some basic principles of symmetry. Whether in a small bedroom or in a large loft apartment, the balanced furnishings will help you achieve the best aesthetic effect on the available space.

Today we are telling our readers 10 little tricks for symmetrical design in home design:

Your dining room will look even more ornate when the two sides of the room are accurately reflected. For an elegant, timeless look, you can hang art pictures parallel to each other. The same effect can be achieved by placing two identical table lamps, figures or vases. The more objects are harmoniously placed on both sides of the room, the more chic the interior will look.

The balanced wall design gives the room additional cosiness-modern elegant dining room living room chandelier chic

The balanced wall design gives the room additional cosiness

The different seating furniture in this photo can be seamlessly combined with one another due to the symmetrical design, such as the chairs with covers and the wooden chairs placed along the table. The end result is a balanced effect.

Harmonious room design in spite of different seating furniture - symmetrical, stylish living room furnishings seating furniture chandeliers

Harmonious room design despite different seating furniture

Would you like to impress with your home design (but on a small budget)? Then the symmetrical setup would be a great solution for you. The brave black stripes on the wall prepare the ground for a chic color theme in black and white. The stylish poster above the sofa goes perfectly with the side tables and table lamps.

The uniform furnishing with black and white stripes has a particularly inviting effect - table lamps harmonious unit reflecting effect

The uniform furnishings with black and white stripes are particularly inviting

Do you have a beloved piece of art that somehow always stays in the background? A little trick helps to move it to the center of the room. Simply hang smaller pictures with the same frame around the artwork. Voilà!

Nice picture with the help of smaller picture frames in the foreground-wall design modern living room art chic French style

Nice picture with smaller picture frames all around steals the show here

If there is a special eye-catcher in your living room, for example a fireplace or a bay window, you should choose this as the focal point in the design. Arrange the rest of the furniture around to create a visual balance. In this photo, the open fireplace is adjacent to two identical chests of drawers, table lamps, and mirrors.

Elegant design thanks to the same wall mirror and chests of drawers fireplace upscale living room armchair combination of classic furniture

Elegant design thanks to the same-looking wall mirrors and chests of drawers

We’ll continue with the hallway, which can also look exciting. The antique-looking bronze figures on pedestals appear extremely authoritarian here. Their positions and the murals above create symmetry in the room.

Make the floorboard appear interesting by placing bronze figures and murals symmetrically - floorboard bronze figures wall design

Make the floorboard appear interesting by placing bronze figures and murals symmetrically

The bookshelves in the next photo have been completely transformed with the help of dark blue and black paint. The pillars placed above create a remarkable effect.

Pillars for an eclectic, rustic decor-unusual interior design pillar hallway

Pillars for an eclectic, rustic interior

A symmetrical setup is even suitable for a small living room. All elements – from the long, elegant curtains to the hanging pictures look pleasant and harmonious.

Juxtaposed objects form a visual unity-small living room furnishing design fashionable

Opposed objects form an optical unit

Visual order is achieved by placing identical home accessories (in this case the armchairs, the artificial trees with shaped cut and the curtains with a graphic pattern) on both sides of the television. As a result, the room is perceived as pleasant when entering. In the other case, you would optically focus directly on the cigarette box.

So that television is not the focus of the room - living room TV furniture Artificial plants Topiary wood storage

So that television is not the focus of the room

Here we have a typical looking living room. In this photo, the side tables from Ikea serve as TV furniture. The stacked books, tidy storage baskets, and gold table lamps add to the symmetrical beauty.

Harmonious furnishings from the first sight TV bench Idea table lamps gold comfort

Harmonious furnishings, even at first sight

Give your vintage home accessories an even better look by placing them on a centrally located piece of furniture. The sofas in this photo visually compensate for the impression, although they are different. The similar-looking side table lamps and the same pleated blinds help to achieve a visual unity.

Different sofas can also be set up harmoniously - small living room, two sofas, coffee table, eclectic

Different sofas can also be set up harmoniously

And last but not least, a tip: if you want to add that certain something to your living room, look around carefully and look for almost identical items. If almost all furnishings are different, this could be the reason for an uncomfortable feeling of space.

Elegant and balanced living room design with the help of the same decoration - harmonious living room designer furniture wall design

Elegant and balanced living room design with the help of the same decorative elements

Two identical table lamps, pretty decorative pillows or armchairs with covers in uniform colors will help you. Now contrast them in order to achieve the desired symmetry.

Did these tips help you? We would like to hear from you how to achieve a harmonious composition in your interior!

Clearly structured rooms and cleverly placed decorative items create a pleasant atmosphere. The natural and simple elegance in the furnishings is therefore not a difficult task at all. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can use little tricks to create an aesthetic and harmonious look in the interior!

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