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Tables and floors are protected crystal clear with special foils



Practical, durable and at the same time extremely tasteful, the table protection film from ANRO transforms even sensitive materials into surfaces that are easy to keep clean. Whether dining table, bureau, handicraft area or flower bench – the transparent film protects the surface from dirt and water, so that the pieces of furniture retain their attractiveness for a long time.

Thanks to the well thought-out structure of the film, it does not catch the eye itself, but acts like a fine layer of glass, which gives your base protection and high quality. Due to the transparent properties of the film and its availability made to measure, it adapts discreetly to any home furnishings and does its good job perfectly at any time.

Hygiene and efficiency – easy to clean

The use of the practical yet elegant table protection films from ANRO in households with children is particularly popular. So dining tables are the most common “application” of the foils. A spilled glass of juice, grease stains from the fried potatoes or a dollop of tomato sauce that has landed on the other side of the plate can quickly become a permanent problem for a beautiful wooden table, even after cleaning. In natural wood, which is often interspersed with fine grooves and gaps, dirt or crumbs also quickly accumulate.

Image: © ANRO

Anyone who secures their table with a foil against contact with food will quickly have every mishap under control with a damp cloth. The nice thing about it: The aesthetics of the table are fully preserved thanks to the transparency of the film.

In addition to the dining area, the appropriately cut film is of course also recommended for the kitchen. There it protects the respective base perfectly not only against stains or sticking smells, such as those caused by leaking onion juice. Work surfaces on which there is a lot of cutting, tapping or handling heavy equipment also remain safe from daily signs of use such as scratches or other damage thanks to the application of the film.

Versatile in use

The antistatic and tear-resistant film, made to fit exactly according to the individual dimensions, proves its functionality in many other areas as well. It is perfect as a sturdy base for handicrafts or, thanks to its water-repellent character, is also ideal as a base for planters in the house. It can also be used on garden tables because dirt and pollen can be removed in no time.

The film is even suitable as a floor protection mat: Heavily used areas, for example under a desk chair or under a high chair, are protected from scratches, damage or moisture in an almost invisible manner.

You are spoiled for choice

ANRO Trade GmbH offers its table protection films not only in many different sizes and formats – rectangular, round or oval – but also in different designs. Made of PVC (vinyl), it is manufactured in thicknesses of 2 or 3 mm as a German quality product. As a version with a matt finish on one side, it has proven itself optimally on glass tables or high-gloss surfaces, as it does not adhere as firmly and no air bubbles are formed.

Tischschutzfolie Rund
Image: © ANRO

Well thought-out down to the last detail, the table protection films quickly become an indispensable utensil in every household. In contrast to numerous other foils, their edge is bevelled, which enables the arms to be placed comfortably and comfortably on the edge of the table. If you prefer to experience the effective protection of the crystal-clear film in the form of a tablecloth, simply opt for a robust, washable tablecloth with a border. It hangs over according to the requested size and thus protects the surface of the table or the tablecloth placed on it.


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