Takeoff Net Worth 2021

Rapper Takeoff Net Worth 2021

Takeoff is an American rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his work with the hip hop group Migos, which he joined in 2009. His band has earned a lot of fame and success through their hits like “Versace,” which was inspired by Tupac.

The group began as a mumble rap group called the Polo Club in 2008. However, the group changed their name to Migos in 2013. In 2011, the band released its first single, titled “Versace,” which became a hit. It also was the group’s debut single on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, the band has sold more than four billion streams of their music. This has contributed to Takeoff’s net worth.

Takeoff is estimated to have a net worth of $26 million as of October 2022. Of that total, most of it is based on his music and endorsement earnings. Besides performing, the rapper is also involved in some controversies. For instance, he was cited in a civil lawsuit in 2020. A female victim is suing him for abuse at a house party in 2021.

Takeoff was born on June 18, 1994, in Lawrenceville, Georgia. During his early childhood, he developed an interest in rapping and wrestling. He also became involved with his cousin Offset. Among his other relatives, his uncle Quavo is also an accomplished rapper. Both cousins have earned a considerable amount of money.

Takeoff’s mother worked as a hairstylist. She raised the rapper and his siblings. During his youth, Takeoff wore dreadlocks. While attending high school, he was a member of a hip hop group, which was named the Takeoff Gang. Initially, the group used to jam on different beats. They were popular in the United States and Europe.

During his music career, Takeoff released several albums, including “The Last Rocket,” which peaked at number four in the US. It was a major success and broke many records. The album also ranked well in the Netherlands and Norway charts.

Takeoff has never been married. He has been romantically involved with Lakeya Darshay, Rubi Rose, and Dream Doll. But he has not uploaded any of these women on his social media profiles.

Takeoff’s net worth is a combination of his music earnings and profits from his band, Migos. According to CelebrityNetWorth, the rapper’s and his family’s total net worth is $26 million. Some sources claim that his net worth is much higher than this figure.

Takeoff is considered to be a low key person, but he does like flashing a little bit of lavishness. He owns a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. These two cars are valued at half a million dollars.

He has a YouTube channel with over 12 million subscribers. However, he rarely speaks publicly. He does not care much about his bank accounts. Despite this, he has plenty of money in his bag. Besides the music industry, Takeoff is also a fan of luxury timepieces and bling. Among his collections are intergalactic diamond chains that incorporate planets and the sun.

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