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The Tastefully Olive

The Tasteful Olive offers Kansas-area residents fresh olive oils, gourmet oils and naturally-flavored balsamic vinegars from around the world. In addition, they provide helpful customer service as well as offering an assortment of specialty accessories.

This olive oil features grassy aromas and is the ideal companion to grilled vegetables or a roasted pepper caprese dish. Additionally, it works wonderfully in salads of greens and tomatoes.

Early Life and Education

Olive oil is an integral component of Mediterranean diet and its consumption is linked with longevity and good health. Olive tree’s oil has long been used as medicine or food. Many regions around the world, known as “blue zones,” display extraordinary longevity among their populations, with residents living into their 90s or even centenarian status.

Jeanne and Jay Mackay created The Tasteful Olive in 2012 in Kansas. The store provides fresh olive oils from Italy as well as aged balsamic vinegars from Italy as well as gourmet accessory items to its customers in Kansas. Their mission is to share the health benefits associated with olive oil and vinegar consumption while fostering long-term customer relationships; Jeanne provides classes to educate people about using olive oils and vinegars correctly.

Professional Career

Food TikTok and Instagram users who share food photos likely noticed an influx of olive oil brands with colorful, eye-pleasing bottles being displayed by food influencers for social media posts featuring salads, grilled meats, hummus, and more. Direct-to-consumer company Branche makes these beautiful oils and balsamic vinegars more accessible by selling them in sleek squeeze bottles designed to make drizzling easy without screw top frustration; and offering subscription options with pauseable subscriptions perfect for gift giving; olives come directly from farmers across Spain while their oil boasts bold herbaceous flavour with grassy undertones!

Achievement and Honors

Fernandez de Heredia has won medals at numerous major international competitions and also creates limited offer prestigious collections like her First Day of Harvest Picual made from olives harvested within 24 hours after day’s first harvest, featuring labels designed annually by guest designers such as rally driver Carlos Sainz (recently).

Tastefully Olive of Overland Park, Kansas has opened a second location in Topeka where its certified extra virgin products are pressed within three to four hours of harvesting and processed into oils and vinegars, olives, infused salts and spices as well as other artisanal goods.

Personal Life

Gionni and Paolo are an extraordinary family team; their children all play key roles in running the mill (frantoio). At harvest time, Lorenzo wears heavy earmuffs to shield his ears from loud, noisy equipment.

Olives offer both agricultural and culinary diversity that makes them such a fantastic ingredient. Both oils are exceptionally versatile, making it easy for anyone to add them into their cooking. Plus, with convenient squeeze bottles that make drizzling much simpler.

Beautifully packaged products make them the ideal gift, including beautifully packaged jars, bottles and tins which are ready for giving. Additionally, their subscription can be easily suspended – ideal for foodies and olive oil enthusiasts! Their beautiful packaging also saves both time and money as no additional wrapping paper needs to be purchased – saving both both time and money when buying gifts for others!

Net Worth

The website for this company boasts an exhaustively transparent policy, featuring photographs of harvesting. Furthermore, they offer a subscription service which can be suspended or cancelled at any time so you’re never left with oil that doesn’t meet your tastebuds.

At their store, Jeanne and Jay Mackay strive to share the health benefits of their products while building long-term relationships with customers. They offer 75 varieties of olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars; other offerings include ANH coconut oil and specialty salts.

These premium olive oils come from four regions in Greece and Modena, Italy, with olives handpicked within two weeks of ripening being handpicked by hand and barrel-aged balsamic vinegars made in small batches for storage in Modena.

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