Taurus & Quadster: Grüter discontinues GG production

The GG production Designer Walter Grüter: stops GG production at the end of 2015, after more than 300 GG Quads, Quadsters and Taurus have been built since 2005 the GG Quadster (Quad) and GG Taurus (tricycle) models will be discontinued at the end of 2015. Background: As of 2016, the BMW K 1300 engines that Walter Grüter’s team uses for their vehicles will no longer comply with the Euro 4 emissions and noise regulations that will then apply. “Another engine is not an alternative for us,” argues the Swiss designer, who would have to completely redesign his vehicles when using the current 1,600 series six-cylinder engine from BMW, taking into account the new registration regulations – a job that takes around 18 months and one costs half a million euros. It is questionable whether this effort pays off for a small series.

GG production: More than 300 vehicles built since 2005

Whereby Walter Grüter produced quite decent numbers for a ‘small series’: The Swiss designer has built more than 300 GG vehicles (GG Quad, GG Quadster and GG Taurus) since 2005 and sold them all over the world – quite a decent amount for a ‘small series’. . “Quality and innovation have us with us in the development and manufacture of extraordinary vehicles GG Quadster: The quad with 1,300 cubic four-cylinder engine from BMW will be built until the end of 2015, after which it will be overHeart and soul, passion and commitment to safety have accompanied us for over 30 years, ”says Walter Grüter, who is the designer and managing director of the GG Technik + Emotion brand. “First-class Swiss precision and reliability were and are a matter of course for us. Together with our employees, dealers and partners, it fills us with pride and joy to have fulfilled the driving dreams and the desire for exclusive vehicles from customers around the world. “
Although Grüter will discontinue the GG production of the Quadster and Taurus, Grüter + Gut GmbH will remain. “The supply of spare parts and accessories for our GG vehicles is still guaranteed,” promises Walter and adds: “The annual GG meetings, which are very popular with customers, will continue to take place.”

Last chance: no more such vehicles on the market in the future

With its exclusivity, sophisticated technical details and outstanding suitability for everyday use, the GG Technik + Emotion brand is currently the only one on the market, and it is hardly to be expected that another manufacturer will become active in this niche. “Anyone who wants to be part of the international community of drivers of a GG Quadster and GG Taurus has the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity by placing an order by the end of August 2015,” Walter waves with the fence post. After that it is finally over. GG Taurus: The tricycle with a 1,300 cubic four-cylinder engine from BMW is almost as stable as a four-wheeler;  At the end of 2015, GG production is overThe earlier GG receives the order, the greater the chance of being one of the last happy owners of a GG vehicle.

Grüter says ‘thank you’

“We take the opportunity to express our thanks to our customers,” says Walter Grüter. “They shared our enthusiasm for an exclusive driving experience and the latest technologies and inspired our creativity for new products. We have an appreciative and lasting relationship on an equal footing with our dealers and partners around the world. And last but not least: Many thanks to our employees, who share our passion for our products and the pleasure we have in our customer contacts.

And what is GG doing in the future?

Despite the sad announcement that the GG production of Quadster and Taurus will be discontinued, we are not worried about Walter Grüter and his team. “Whether there will be any further innovations from GG in the future is still open,” says Walter with an eloquent smile.
We know that smile on him well: we always met it a few months before the presentation of another stroke of genius. Because in reality, Walter has gasoline in his blood – his joy GG technology + emotionof ingenious, unprecedented vehicle concepts makes us optimistic to hear from him again soon. However, we bet it won’t be a quad or a Taurus tricycle … x

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