Test & Tips: Which car interior and display cleaner?

In recent years we have tested a number of car interior cleaners! Here we summarize our favorites – from cheap to expensive. We also have a tip for optimal cleaning of sensitive displays such as digital speedometers.


inner space Tip 1: Chemical Guys Innerclean

The Chemical Guys Inner Clean cleaning spray is not only our favorite because of its good smell ;). It cleans gently but effectively: fingerprints, coffee stains or grease stains from lost French fries can be wiped away with just one wipe. On the other hand, it is so gentle that it does not attack even sensitive surfaces. It leaves no greasy streaks and also cleans touch screens without streaks. According to the manufacturer, it should also refresh the colors of the plastic parts (probably with silicones). We have not yet been able to test this on new cars. The Chemical Guys Innerclean spray bottle is available for around €16. Unfortunately, Chemical Guys isn’t available on Amazon at the moment, but for example here on Autoglanzwelt via eBay. Tip: the cleaner always on a microfiber cloth, never spray directly onto the cockpit!

Chemical Guys Innenreiniger

Tip: Never spray directly onto the cockpit, instead spray onto the microfiber cloth!

inner space Tip 2: Meguiar’s Quik Detailer Interior

In our video below we show that Meguiar’s interior cleaner sometimes leaves clear streaks. This is because we are showing an “old” version from 2015, which probably contains even more silicones/oils. However, we are linking the current version of the Meguiar’s Quik Detailer, which is available from Amazon for just under €10. According to reviews and the manufacturer’s description, it is now “Non Greasy” and should no longer leave any streaks. It is also a great alternative to Chemical Guys cleaner.

sensitive display: Spectral cleaning foam

In principle, displays can be cleaned very cheaply with glass cleaners such as Sidolin and a kitchen towel. But if you have scratches in a digital speedometer or other displays, you can never get them out again and they are immensely annoying when the sun is shining. We are therefore fans of the Spectral foam (approx. €25), which was specially developed in Germany for cleaning displays and TV screens. You should always spray it onto the supplied white glass cloth and then distribute the foam on the display with gentle pressure until it disappears. The spray cleans absolutely streak-free. Since the foam “lifts” the dirt, so to speak, you also avoid scratches. Unfortunately, the spray is expensive at €25, but it is also sufficient for a number of cleanings and we also like to use it for our notebooks and televisions.

Spectral Display Reiniger Spray

Spectral display foam: Used for the Active Info Display in the Passat.

floor mat and seat-Cleanser: Meguiar’s Carpet & Interior Cleaner

While Chemical Guys are our favorites for surfaces, the cockpit and displays, Meguiar’s Carpet & Interior Cleaner is clearly our favorite for fabrics. A few years ago we bought a bottle that is still at least half full. Most of the time we used it to remove grease residue, coffee stains or ketchup stains and much more. Man sprays the cleaner direct on the floor mats or the seats. He smells strong, removes dirt and odors incredibly well. Let it soak for about 30 seconds and then wipe it off. Wipe again with a clean, wet (just water) microfiber cloth. Then let the area dry thoroughly. Any stain, no matter how stubborn, should then be gone, and the chemical smell will dissipate quickly. We have never experienced any faded spots on any car. For the Meguiar’s carpet and upholstery cleaner is available for around €12. A hammer price when you consider how long a bottle lasts.

slicescleaner inside & outside: Alclear or Meguiars?

You can easily use Sidolin from the supermarket or premium products such as Alclear or Meguiars to clean the inside of the window. There is also a separate article on the subject of cleaning windows from the inside. From the outside, however, the cleaning performance is more important: In summer, burned-in insect remains need to be removed. Meguiars and Alclear work well here, with the Alclear cleaning in the more chemically gentle way and not as vigorously. With the Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner (approx. 15€) you can also remove stubborn insect remains.

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