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TGB Blade 500 4x4 IRS, 2013 modelTaiwan Golde Bee (TGB) has given its ATVs, the Blade models, a new look for the 2013 model year. The first thing that catches the eye on all models is a new, fresh adhesive decor, and the front and rear have been given a completely new look. Striking LED light-emitting diodes surround the headlights and serve as daytime running lights. LED technology also for the rear lights. Ellipsoidal headlights are responsible for the high beam. Optionally there is an electric cable winch and hand protectors, these equipment features are already included in the standard scope of the top models.

Blade 325 4×2

TGB Blade 550 4x4 IRS, 2013 modelThe range starts with the Blade 325 4×2, which the importer Hans Leeb sends into the race with street tires (Maxxis Spearz); it can be driven on public asphalt with VKP approval; its 287-cc single-cylinder delivers 20 hp, which is transmitted to the rigid rear axle via a drive chain.

Blade 500

TGB Blade 550 IRS Edition, 2013 model: Front headlights with LED daytime running lightsWith half a liter stew – to be precise: 461 cubic – TGB offers its ATV both with a rigid rear axle and with individually suspended rear wheels, the latter design principle promises more comfort, the former more robustness, especially when working in the forest, where branches and rocks do not have axle boots here can ruin. Equipped with a cardan drive and carburettor, the Blade 500 models deliver 34 hp and come onto German roads with this power as LoF.

TGB Blade 550 IRS Edition, 2013 model: LED rear light

Blade 550

The top model is available with a short or long wheelbase, in both cases individually suspended rear wheels are standard. The 550 Blades are available with either an electronic injection system or a carburetor. In the EFI version, the 38 hp engine delivers four more hp than the carburetor, which makes the vehicle 1,000 euros cheaper.

Edition models

TGB Blade 550 4x4 IRS, 2013 modelBoth the 500 and the 550 Blades are also available as edition models with an elegant suede look seat cover, aluminum rims in titanium finish, cable winch, hand protectors and edition design. Of particular technical interest is the 550, whose edition model is one of the first Taiwanese ATVs to have speed-dependent power steering in addition to special struts with off-road tuning.

Target 550 4×4

TGB Target 550 4x4 IRS, 2013 modelAs with the Blade models, TGB’s Sport-ATV, the Target, sees the changing of the guard when it comes to the mixture preparation: instead of a carburetor, the vehicle is now available with electronic fuel injection. The optional power steering announced at the end of the year is still a long way off, but the driver of the 2013 model is informed about the driving conditions via a multifunctional information display with a trendy blue backlight. The discontinued carburetor targets, which are otherwise largely identical to the EFI model, are currently a few hundred euros cheaper.

cost and availability

TGB: Play DifferentFor the Blade 325 4×2, TGB importer Hans Leeb calls for a retail price of 4,699 euros; the Blade 500R (rigid axle) costs 5,999 euros, with independent wheel suspension 6,899 euros are due. At least 7,699 euros change hands for the Blade 550, the top model with long wheelbase, EFI and power steering costs 8,999 euros, and for the Target 550 EFI 4×4 IRS the importer calls 7,999 euros. Many vehicles are currently being offered at promotional prices that can save up to 1,000 euros. x

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