That Don’t Look Like No Mcdonalds Gif

Having a burger for lunch? You’ll be happy to know there’s an animated GIF to make it even better! Those of us who grew up with the McDLT sandwich probably remember those cartoonish gifs from the 80s. They were supposed to be McD + lettuce + tomatoes, but they were served in Styrofoam containers, so we weren’t sure what they meant. The Daily Beast has since deleted the gif, but the tweet is a reminder of the disrespect for black lives and for the victims of the killing.

The McDLT came on the scene in the mid-1980s, as a fast-food advertisement aimed to compete with the Whopper by Burger King. At first, the McDLT remained on the menu, but the concept has since changed. While it’s still on the menu at McDonald’s, its new name was meant to be more fun and sexier than it was before. The burger, which is still a popular choice for fast food lovers, was also offered in a more elegant package.

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