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The 2-week diet guarantees you effective weight loss

Summer is just around the corner and the swimming season is about to begin. Now everyone wants to regain their bikini figure and wear thin T-shirts and shorts again. The big question, however, is how does optimal weight loss work with pleasure and without cravings? If you are looking for a successful diet, then you have come to the right place. Today we explain the 2-week diet, in which you can shed excess pounds without going hungry. It still means “drink a lot”, but take the right drink! We have also prepared extra tips for this. In addition, a lot of exercise is understandably part of the 2-week diet. Because you not only want to get slim, you also want to be toned and fit, don’t you? For that you also need some exercise! Here are our clever suggestions for optimal and healthy weight loss.

You won’t go hungry during the 2-week diet, but thanks to the low-calorie diet you will shed the pounds.

2 Wochen Diät gegrilltes Fleisch Gemüse als Beilage Tomaten Karotten Korn Petersilie

A healthy and low-calorie diet also means a healthy, long life!

2 Wochen Diät hartgekochte Eier grüne Bohnen Pilze gesunde Ernährung für langes Leben

The first step in weight loss is especially important. You need to think through your eating plan well and most likely adjust it. For the 2-week diet, you must have a daily upper limit for calories and you must never exceed it. The experts recommend a maximum of 1400 kcal per day. In the second week of the diet you have to get by with 1200 kcal a day. What does that mean in more concrete terms? You bet on low-calorie dishes! During the 2-week diet, it is best to avoid any carbohydrates or they are represented in minimal amounts in your eating plan. On the contrary, you can consume products that contain a lot of protein and fiber. To make this even clearer, we give specific examples for your daily menu.

Hard-boiled eggs combined with spinach and spices? Yes, this is an excellent breakfast idea!

2 Wochen Diät hartgekochte Eier Spinat Blätter Gewürze darauf gute Frühstücksidee

2 Wochen Diät hartgekochte Eier grüner Salat anstatt einer Hauptmahlzeit

  • What is on the breakfast table in the morning during the 2-week diet?

The nutritional plan of the 2-week diet provides for a breakfast that contains approx. 400 kcal. The best thing to do in the morning is to eat what makes you feel full! A slice of wholemeal bread is allowed here, for example with avocado. Hard-boiled eggs with spinach or other vegetables can of course also be on the breakfast table. If you don’t have much time in the morning, you can rely on fresh fruit. Or do you prefer a bowl of low-fat curd cheese with chia seeds? Many people drink a green smoothie in the morning, which guarantees a good start to the day.

Fruits with chia and pumpkin seeds – a real temptation during a diet!

2 Wochen Diät Früchte Bananenscheiben Beeren Minze Chia Samen Kürbissamen

A smoothie like this can certainly keep you full until noon.

2 Wochen Diät grüner Smoothie Avocado Spinat Bananen Zitrone macht satt

  • Lunch and dinner during the 2 week diet

The recommended maximum calorie limit for the two main meals is 500 kcal. In order to optimize fat loss overnight, it is right to eat low-carbohydrate food in the evening. In principle, you can swap lunch and dinner from time to time and in this way treat yourself to more variety in the menu. Salmon fillet and poultry breast are among the most recommended dishes for lunch when they are garnished with whole wheat pasta and brown rice. Beans, lentils and chickpeas are also on the menu list of the 2-week diet.

Does your lunch look the same?

2 Wochen Diät Mittagessen Fleisch gebraten grüner Salat Tomate rote Zwiebel in Scheiben geschnitten Samen

Fish fillet with a vegetable garnish is a popular lunch.

2 Wochen Diät Mittagessen Fischfilet gebraten Gemüsebeilage

If you get cravings in the afternoon during the 2-week diet, have a few almonds or try a fresh fruit salad. You will definitely satisfy your hunger with it.

A fruit salad for in between!

2 Wochen Diät Obstsalat für zwischendurch stillt den Hunger Erdbeeren Kiwi Bananen Apfel in Stückchen geschnitten

  • Proper drinks during the 2 week diet

We often hear or read: If you drink enough water a day, it is easier to lose weight! We can only agree! Drinking makes you slim, but only if you choose the right drink. First and foremost, this is undoubtedly pure water. For example, according to nutrition experts, one should drink 500 ml of water before each meal. Preferably with lemon wedges in it. Herbal tea is also recommended as the hot beverage has good health benefits. But what about a coffee cup? Do you have to give up the aromatic drink completely during the 2-week diet? We’ll say it briefly: No, you can keep drinking your favorite coffee, but unsweetened and with little milk.

A cup of black coffee in the morning perks us up and promotes concentration.

2 Wochen Diät Frühstück eine Tasse schwarzer Kaffee ungesüßt getoastetes Brot gekochtes Ei

Coffee is also said to have other positive effects. For example, it is said to drive away tiredness, promote concentration, activate fat loss and even relieve headaches. With so many pluses, there’s no need to comment. But during the 2-week diet, it is better to avoid drinks containing sugar. That means no soda, no cola, no milk drinks and juices!

You can also drink coffee in the afternoon if you can tolerate the caffeine it contains.

2 Wochen Diät schwarzer Kaffee morgens und nachmittags ungesüßt wenig Milch

It is well known that all alcohol drinks are real diet killers because they are high in calories and also inhibit fat loss. So stay away from it!

Better lemon water than alcohol!

2 Wochen Diät viel trinken Zitronenwasser grüne Kräuter

Drink enough water a day and you will lose extra pounds!

2 Wochen Diät viel Wasser am Tag trinken Zitronenscheiben Rosmarin Blätter

  • You need a lot of exercise when you are on a diet!

Last but not least, we want to address an entirely different aspect outside of healthy eating. To keep your body toned and fit during and after the 2-week diet, you need a lot of exercise. Between us – there is no diet without exercise! When it comes to movement, you have a lot of freedom and can do what you like most. For example, go for long walks every day or work out in the gym. Many people prefer to go cycling, swimming or jogging. It is important to know, however, that sport gets your metabolism going and melts your hip gold! So combine low-calorie food with lots of exercise and you will stay elegant, healthy and fit!

Do you like to go jogging? Then do this daily during the 2-week diet!

2 Wochen Diät täglich Sport treiben joggen macht fit elegant straff gesund

No diet without exercise!

2 Wochen Diät täglich Sport treiben Radfahren macht den Körper fit straff gesund elegant

Think carefully about what you eat and drink at breakfast!

2 Wochen Diät Frühstück essen Spiegeleier mit Speck getoastetes Brot Orangensaft Milch

Whole grain bread thinly sliced ​​can be eaten if you are on a diet.

2 Wochen Diät Frühstück essen Vollkornbrot dünne Scheibe mit Butter bestreichen

… coated with low-calorie cheese and garnished with green herb leaves!

2 Wochen Diät Frühstück essen Brotscheibe mit kalorienarmem Käse bestreichen grüne Kräuterblätter

2 Wochen Diät Frühstück Vollkornbrot bestrichen Petersilie darauf

We say “yes” to whole wheat pasta!

2 Wochen Diät Mittagessen Vollkornnudeln fettarmer Käse Kräuter Gewürze

Ham cut very thinly as a snack against cravings!

2 Wochen Diät Schinken dünn geschnitten Snack gegen Heißhunger

Low-fat meat is also on the lunch menu.

2 Wochen Diät Mittagessen fettarmes Fleisch gebraten

2 Wochen Diät Mittagessen fettarmes Fleisch dünn geschnitten gebraten

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