The alpha and omega of cosiness at home – furnishing ideas in warm colors

Relax by the candlelight

Living room relaxation area candles Ilex cross-section tree trunk solid wood rustic decorative pillows red yellow orange furnishing ideas

Rustic decoration in the living room or for your relaxation area

We associate candlelight with the pleasant warmth of a fireplace. That’s why you could decorate the living room with candles in red – and not just at Christmas time. For example, place candles of different thicknesses and heights on a surface, this way the arrangement will look informal and cozy. This has a positive effect on the whole atmosphere in the room. Textiles always contribute to the relaxing mood.

Take a sweet break

Linen Deco Coffee Coffee Break Relax Treats Sweets Glass of Water Beige Green Interior Ideas

Linen decoration and irresistible treats for cozy coffee hours

You should allow yourself more time out, especially in colder weather. Have a cup of coffee in the afternoon, accompanied by a few sweets. Thanks to the endorphins it contains, the chocolate puts you in a good mood. The dark colors of the linen and the light wood with the orange as an accent bring a cozy and modern flair to the ambience.


Living room deco floor lamp modern open bookshelf sofa gray pillows cuddly blanket work table books orange red blue living ideas

Surely each of us would like to have such a comfortable place for work and relaxation!

How would you design your own relaxation zone? A comfortable sofa, a cozy blanket and a couple of pillows are needed for a cozy atmosphere. Don’t you think of a romantic Sunday afternoon right away? The colors in our photo give the same effect. You can only get positive energy from the orange and this color gives the reserved petrol green more warmth.


Decorative wicker basket Ixel wood frame flowers plants vintage natural wood furnishing ideas

The wicker basket and wooden frame are in perfect harmony

Which interior style does this photo remind you of? You probably think of the country house style in autumn, although the ambience appears more modern here. The rose hips contrast with the cooler colors on the wall.

Blankets, decorative pillows, cozy, relaxing, serving tray, teapot living ideas

Woolen blankets and decorative pillows for cozy relaxation

Plaids as scarves or blankets are particularly popular in cold weather. Their color and warmth make you feel better.


Single LED letter decoration Ilex log blankets cozy Christmas winter living ideas

LED letter as a unique decorative item

Pick a spot or corner in the room for great lights. For example, fonts made up of individual letters save energy and the LED lights have a long service life. The stacked wood and the light make you feel safe.


Deco side table oranges candles living room striped pattern sofa cushions blanket red yellow orange living ideas

Decorative side table decorated with oranges and candles – here everything is kept in warm tones

Design a side table with a candle holder, fruit and a jug for a cozy atmosphere. The oranges and clementines also spread a fresh scent in the room.


Oriental oriental carpet flooring exotic kilim colorful living room furnishing ideas

Oriental rugs bring an exotic touch to your home

Floor coverings such as kilims or oriental carpets could be combined in many different ways. With their warm colors, they ensure a cozy feeling of living.


Designer bed bedroom bedclothes headboard black white red design modern interior ideas

Everything here is of a high standard – designer bed, beautiful bed linen. upholstered headboard in white make up the modern bedroom design

You can create more variety in the interior with small accents. With their soft colors and different patterns, the pillows in the bedroom provide warmth and style. Neutral nuances such as beige or light gray, as in the photo here, can be mixed with more colorful accents.


Serving tray book tea teapot cozy home ideas

Serving tray for your cozy hours with a cup of tea and a book in hand

At the end we offer a cup of tea or coffee, an exciting book and all of this served on a tray. It couldn’t be more comfortable. Enjoy this total relaxation!

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