The better winter tires to the front

One might think that the better winter tires with the deeper profile should be in front. After all, this is usually the drive axle and this is where it is also steered. But this is wrong: The tires with the better profile should always be to the rear!
The reason: every vehicle stays on track with the rear axle. With a good profile on the rear axle, there is less risk of the vehicle skidding and going off track. Of course, good front tires are also important for traction and braking, but the rear axle is important for driving stability.

the ADAC writes on the subject:

The testers were able to confirm common opinions that the front axle should have better tires – at least as far as aquaplaning and brakes are concerned. This is different with the “lane change” test criterion. Here the driving stability changed dramatically with the poorer tires on the rear axle, even with ESP equipment. In this case, the vehicle will inevitably skid, with the risk of serious accident consequences. After weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, the old controversial question “where to put the better tires” must be answered with “rear axle”. After all, it is crucial for directional stability.

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